Miel Natural | Switching to Natural Products for Pregnancy
Miel Natural | Switching to Natural Products for Pregnancy
The day you find out you're pregnant, you might start frantically searching things: Can I eat cheese while I'm pregnant? Do I need to switch my beauty routine to all-natural and organic products? Read on to understand why natural products are best during pregnancy

Motherhood is the greatest gift and it brings many changes in a woman’s life. Now it is not just yourself you need to take care of but it’s also about the baby’s health. When you are pregnant your body changes and your body’s needs change. As a mother, you also need to be cautious about what you feed your body both inside and outside. Here are some shifts you would want to make the Switch to Natural Products for Pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy

From the very first day, you can start noticing changes when you are pregnant. When I was pregnant, I saw shifts in my body even before the baby bump was visible. From my skin to hair, everything felt different. So let me tell you, you are not alone. Many women experience acne, oily skin, changes in their nails, hair, teeth and don’t even get me started on dreaded stretch marks. 

Mayo Clinic says changes in hormones and blow flow are responsible for acne and skin changes during pregnancy. As per the National Institutes of Health, your hair can feel stronger, grow or you may experience hair fall. The other time I was having these changes that way I knew I was having a baby. 

Why I Shifted to Natural Products

Pregnancy comes with a long list of medicines and foods to avoid. You need to be more careful and mindful about the needs of your body and the baby. With all the bodily changes, you also need to switch your personal care products too. I wanted to make myself and my baby feel comfortable.

Pregnancy is more than physical changes, your perception towards many things changes as well. Being a mom made me think about the health of the planet and the environment too. My care and love for nature also deepens with my growing baby and the body. Having a green and eco-friendly lifestyle became crucial to me. At that time, I decided to shift to natural products for pregnancy.

What to Look for in the Products?

Often, you get used to personal care products. It gets hard to switch from the ones you especially have grown habitual to over the years. But changing the skincare routine for pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have to change your bathroom upside down. Start by taking a closer look at the products already sitting in your bathroom. The College of Family Physicians of Canada published in its study that most of the active ingredients present in Personal Care Products are safe to use during pregnancy. 

That being said, your personal care routine needs an update as your body changes, switching to natural products meets your body needs.




 Here are some things you need to consider while upgrading your personal care.

·         Know your body needs: While upgrading you will find that there are many products that do along with your pregnancy skincare. I had oilier scalp and acne-prone skin during pregnancy, so I was looking for a product that doesn’t dry out my hair when I clean my scalp. Then I shifted to a natural shampoo that helped me with both issues. 

·         Products with Gentle Ingredients: During pregnancy, you need natural products that help you with irritating, and inflammatory skin. Often, your skin gets itchy as it is stretching. Hence, go for the products that naturally provide moisture to your skin and don’t make it itchy or irritated. Switching to natural body wash was the best decision I made. Natural body washes with organic botanicals helped me to keep my skin hydrated.

·         Fragrances: You just don’t get through physical change during pregnancy, even your five senses start reacting differently. You might feel nauseous and have headaches because of a few scents. Organic and natural products have mild fragrance or no fragrance at all, helping to calm down those scented triggers.

·         The Future: As said, being a mom made me more sensitive towards mother nature too. I became more cautious about how my actions and purchases impacted the environment and the planet. Opting for natural products just doesn’t benefit your skin but is a big relief for the planet as well. If you care for the planet, your future generation, look for the products packed with recycled material and the company takes eco-friendly measures while processing the product.

If you are looking for a natural skincare routine, or Natural Products and how to include them in your daily regime, check our website for more details. 


Conclusion: It's every mother's own decision whether they want to switch to natural products or not! And if you wish to switch to natural products, empower yourself to start reading labels and avoid the toxic ingredients. Miel Natural manufactures sustainably sourced skincare and haircare products for both men & women that are made from naturally derived ingredients.