Why should one invest in Organic Beetroot Lip Balm?
Why should one invest in Organic Beetroot Lip Balm?
While maintaining our face, body and nails, we often forget to take care of our lips. The lip membranes are quite fragile and prone to getting chapped with dead cells built upon it. This is because lips lack oil glands, resulting in zero natural hydration. That is where beetroot lip balm comes to the rescue.

Ways to lighten dark lips with the best beetroot lip balm

When topical treatments are Organic, effective results are given because chemicals can't beat the authenticity and healing power of natural ingredients. Similarly, Aegte Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint Balm has won over millions with its result oriented formulation of 100% natural and vegan constituents aimed to cure dry, chapped and blistered lips, in amazing colour variants to choose from- Orange, Pink and Rosy Red.

Lip care isn't just confined to lip balms. Along with the best beetroot lip balm, you would also need a lip scrub. Exfoliating your lips helps remove the dead skin cells built on our lips that gives the appearance of dark lips. Just like the home DIY, lips scrubs with cane sugar crystals are an asset for your lip care routine. Organic Beetroot Lip Balm gently buffs away flakes while hydrating the lips.

Lip care routine is complete with a Lip Scrub followed by an Organic Beetroot Lip Balm or Lip Mask. But Aegte Beetroot Lip Scrub works both as a Lip Sleeping Mask and Exfoliator. Two-in-One is never disappointing. When followed by the best beetroot lip balm for dark lips, your lips will never look dull anymore.

One of the main causes behind men's dark lips is due to nicotine that accelerates the rate of discoloration of lips. Aegte Men Natural Pink Balm is particularly designed to nullify the after effects of smoking. It is power - packed with the essential nutrients like Beetroot, Tomato Pulp and Alpha-Arbutin that is indeed one of the best lip balm for dark lips as it not only lightens pigmentation but also treat melisma and fights against the harmful UVA / UVB rays from the sun with SPF-15 formula.