Must-have features to include in a Real-time Messaging App like WhatsApp Viber, Line, WeChat
Must-have features to include in a Real-time Messaging App like WhatsApp  Viber, Line, WeChat
The need for networking with friends and family across the world has led to the rapid growth of instant messaging social apps. They are gaining more popularity with each passing day, and several apps are launched every day to allow users to connect instantly for personal or professional reasons.

Social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, etc., have gained a massive customer base since its launch and are continuing to grow due to the efforts they undertake to engage their users. Join the thriving industry by launching your own social media app and gain your own set of audience.

Here are some must-have features you should consider to include during your instant messaging app development.

 Registration page: 

Allow users to sign up with your messaging platform using their phone numbers and email IDs. Preferably, registering using a phone number helps in verifying the authenticity of the details provided by users.

Contact integration:

Once users register, help them sync their contacts with your app. So, they can connect with their loved ones through your platform.

Profile personalization:

Enable your users to personalize their profiles by editing their name, nickname, profile picture, font, background theme, etc.

Instant messaging:

Networking with others is the real purpose of registering with a messaging app. Hence, allow your users to message their contacts instantly and connect with them without much hassle.

Voice and video calls:

Do not restrict your service to only messaging. Provide options to connect via voice and video calls. It makes your app more interactive, putting no limits for users to communicate with each other. Also, allow many people to connect over group calls, both voice and video calls.

File transmission:

Allow users to share images, videos, documents, and other possible file types through your app. That way, your users will feel like your app is adding more value to their lives. 

Push notifications:

Keep your users notified about new messages, incoming calls, and other related details through push notifications that are in-built within the app.


You would have got an idea about the features to include in the app. If you wish to build the app in the shortest turnaround time with all the above-mentioned features pre-packed, then opt for clone solutions.

Various messaging clone solutions are:

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