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Mobile App Design Company | Mobile Application Development | X-Byte Enterprise Solutions
X-Byte Enterprise Solutions is professional mobile app development company in USA that builds mobile apps for startups and established clients. Get custom mobile app development services for iPhone, iPad, iOS & Android.


Launch an engaging mobile app for iOS users with the help of our experts who use agile methodologies and modern technologies to create an intuitive app.

(Java, Kotlin)

Target mobile users on the world’s most popular mobile platform using a feature-rich Android app built using innovative frameworks and technologies.

(iOS, Android)

Create and launch a mobile app for Apple iWatch or any other wearable device running on iOS or Android using our expertise and experience.

(Ionic, React Native)

Launch a cross-platform hybrid mobile app and broaden your growth horizons harnessing our grip over progressive technologies.

Our Android app development experts make use of UI/UX best practices and leverage modern technologies and frameworks to build dynamic mobile apps for the Android platform. Using clean architecture and agile methodologies, we utilize different technologies and make them work in sync to build an integrated solution.

An iOS app needs sophistication and elegance to delight high-end consumers. Hence, we make use of cutting-edge technologies and harness innovative programming approaches to create an intuitive mobile app. Our focus on clean UI/UX and user-friendliness ensure that your app becomes popular among iOS users.

Wearables can be quite tricky owing to their unique hardware and software requirements. Hence, our wearable app development team creates feature-rich, yet light and simple apps for Android watch, Apple Watch or different types of fitness trackers or healthcare wearables using available tools and technologies.

Looking to launch a cross-platform solution? Well, hybrid apps should be your first choice then. We have a dedicated team for hybrid app development that use powerful frameworks like React Native, Flutter, among others to create versatile cross-platform mobile apps for iOS & Android.

Our diligent focus on utilizing scalable backend technologies help in creating a reliable mobile solution. Using hexagonal architecture, DDD & SOA, we provide distributed backend support for growing apps, startups and enterprises.

A reliable database is the backbone of any digital solution. We make use of different SQL & NoSQL database types to create an efficient data backbone for the complete product. Our modular approach ensures that the app doesn’t suffer because of any database management issues.

Our NoOps and automation-driven infrastructure development philosophy helps grow the prospect of a solution. Using a cloud-based secure infrastructure, we infuse your solution with the capability to grow with your user base and growing needs.

We understand your core vision by discussing your idea thoroughly with you or your internal teams.

Based on your inputs, we start building a detailed development roadmap that defines the scope and goals of the project.

Our expert UI/UX designers start creating wireframes and prototypes by leveraging best design and UX practices and approaches.

Once the product design is finalized, our developers start building the solution and enriching each design element with required functionality and features.

We thoroughly test each app or solution using automated and manual testing approaches to promise bug-free deployment.

Once we are satisfied with the performance and functionality of the solution, we move ahead with deployment and launch of the solution.

When you hire resources from our talent pool, we begin exploring the possibility of success market analysis.

Based on their research and your inputs, we start the brainstorming and ideation process to begin the development process.

Our in-house research team performs various viability studies and feasibility analysis to evaluate the core product/app idea.

If a development idea is worth it, we begin the process of designing, developing and testing the solution.

After successful completion of the engagement stage, we take required steps to deploy the solution according to your growth plans.

Once the solution is deployed, we take consistent efforts to scale, improve and expand the prospects according to the dynamic user expectations.

We work closely with your internal teams to ideate a groundbreaking product idea based on your expectations and growth goals.

Based on initial brainstorming and viability checks, we square on the best possible product development idea to kickstart the engineering process.

Our project managers and engineers coordinate to initiate the product engineering process with special focus on design and development.

Based on continuous user feedback on the product design and features, we perform required changes and iterations to bring a product closer to end-user expectations.

Our in-house testing and inspection team tests the developed product for performance, functionality and other issues to eliminate chances of breakdown.

Once everything is refined, tested and ready-to-go, we take a diligent approach to introduce and launch the product for end-users.

Viedy is a mobile application which is designed to quench the user's hunger to watch online movies, videos, and series on your Smartphone.

MedTonic is a free medicinal services application that use you an entrance to top notch therapeutic administrations whenever it might suit you and fingertips.

HomeKonnect is a unique smart home solution in the form of a mobile app that allows a user to control everything inside a smart home from their smartphones.

Help top restaurants in encouraging foodies through your on-demand food delivery app. Lead the market and increase revenue.

PayPlum is a secure and feature-rich digital wallet and payments app that allows users to send and receive money, pay bills and receive cashback.

Gone are the days when people used to wait for autos or buses to reach their destination. Despite taking a Taxi, you would always be late to reach because of not taking a Taxi on-time.

MusBeat is one of the finest online music streaming application that has over 30 million songs in various languages and albums for music lovers.

Global Coin Exchange is a dynamic mobile app that allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. using their mobile app.

Global Hunt is a robust and feature-rich HRMS app that allows HR professionals to manage routine tasks from any time, anywhere using a mobile app.

Heart2Heart is an amazing on-demand dating app that allows singles to find interesting people around themselves for dating.

House Pulp is a multi-region on-demand housing and accommodation marketplace that allows users to find, discover and book vacation homes, BnBs and places to live in the city they are traveling to.

With Zupne, you don’t have to go to the store. The store comes to you – at your doorstep. The full-fledged eCommerce app is all you need to order anything under the sun.

Looking for a trusted plumber? Or a certified electrician? Or are you looking for a reliable pest control service provider?

With digital nomads on the rise, people don’t want to be stuck in the confinements of a cubicle anymore.

Planning a getaway? Or are you finalizing that long-pending holiday? Well, regardless of what your plan is, your most preferred rooms are just a swipe away.

Winbat is probably one of the apps we had the most fun developing. The app allows users to play their preferred sports online – from cricket and basketball to football, tennis and more.

Brainzie is an out and out education app that fosters an environment for seamless access to education. It is a platform where students can find courses and programs of their choice and get started with learning them.

Triber is one of the most fun social networking applications available online today. It offers features that combine elements from multiple social networking apps of today for one wholesome online experience.

Properto is an app that is built to address and solve concerns in the real estate market segment. It arrives as one of the most ideal and reliable property finding marketplace that lists verified properties for interested customers.

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