Kitty Crash - Cat Simulator Game
Kitty Crash - Cat Simulator Game

Enjoy a unique cat simulator game and have the time of your life with a cute cat

Are you ready to start an adventure with your own cute little cat and explore the house together? With Cat Simulator game, everything is possible. Cat Simulator game is a perfect way to experience how it feels to have a cat. This cat can do everything you imagine, move around the house, break objects, sleep and eat. It is even possible to change her appearance and beautify her. Where else can you get all that?


Features of Cat Simulator Game


EXPLORE AND DISCOVER - Go around the huge house and see all the rooms there are. Visit every room in the house from living room, to kitchen and garden, complete all the tasks so that you can unlock all the rooms in the house. 


BEAUTIFY THE CAT - In this Cat Simulator Game, you can change the way your cat looks. Change the color of the fur of your cute little kitty cat, choose a collar for her and make her even prettier than she already is. 


TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAT - Care for your cat, make sure she rests when she gets tired after all the games and fun that you have together. After hours of playing, everyone needs a rest. Feed this sweet kitty with delicious food and snacks you can find in this Cat Simulator Game. 


DIFFERENT LOCATIONS- As soon as you start exploring and completing the tasks you will notice that the house your cat is in is full of different rooms to explore, such as living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden, library, wardrobe, painting studio and pet room. 


MINI GAMES - Play exciting and super fun mini games such as Snake and Ladders, Mouse Trap, Lucky Toss, Cat Fishing, Tap Tap Dash, Cat Skate, Happy Courier and many others. 


INTERACTIONS - Play as your cat and see what the cute kitty cat can do in the house. Crash the objects that are in the rooms and move around from one room to the other.


SIMPLE AND ENJOYABLE GAMEPLAY - This Cat Simulator game is extremely easy to play. You just move the joystick to control where the cat goes and tap the screen while playing mini games. This makes the Cat Simulator Game suited for both the kids and adults.