Funnel Base Review
Funnel Base Review
This is the honest funnel base review! Increase your conversions with funnel base

funnelbase review

The online marketing world is constantly changing and the line between authenticity and spurious content is diminishing at a greater pace than ever. You probably know that Social proof plays a great deal in achieving success.   

Having customer reviews, video reviews, social media phrases etc. all type of reviews that add to the authenticity and help in getting your product in a positive limelight. It sure helps in increasing your conversion rate exponentially. To make these less of the worry, a new product called Funnel Base comes in play. This article is my honest Funnel Base Review.

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 All about Funnel Base Software?

Funnel base makes it easier to request reviews of your service or product. When a client/customer avails your service or buys your product funnel base will automatically request a review by either through mail or social media account. 

When a request is sent to a customer and he/she decides to leave a review of your services funnel base automatically publishes the review on your website. All this happens in real-time and there is no lag time. As the new reviews pour, it automatically shows the recent reviews first. Funnel base lets you customize the reviews on how they will show on your website, you have complete autonomy to show the star rating. You can completely customize it to show video testimonials send to you by your customers which will be recorded when you sent a request to review your product. Your clients can also sent text reviews. 

With so many features funnel base surely is going to increase the engagement with the customers hence increasing your conversion and making your brand register in their minds.

Funnel base comes packed with a lot of cool features. You can do a lot of stuff in addition to getting your services reviewed -

  • You can create pop-ups to increase sales and provide coupons. 

  • Funnel base works on increasing the trust with the users visiting your website, you can add a small pop-up in the bottom corner to show the recent conversions on your website.

  • The conversion counter that shows how many people actually purchased your service/product in real-time.

  • Funnel base also tells the users about the number of customers viewing the same product.

So Many awesome social proof tools united all in one.

So you think that’s it !!

No, wait! Their’s more, yeah! It can do so much more!

  • By using funnel base’s pop up creator you can create attractive popovers. Using these pop-ups you can collect a database like a Name, Mail, Phone no. etc  

  • You can give visitors useful information about flash sales, discounts, promo videos etc. 

  • You can give discount coupons, create an impulse for social sharing and feedback scores.

How to use Funnel Base?

It is very easy to use and the whole process is very simple, just log in the dashboard:

In the dashboard you have to create a new funnel, then once you are through with the first step you can select the type of content you want and create a new campaign!

Once you set up a campaign you just need to follow the steps that let you customise how you want your funnel base to work. Like where and what info to display on screen etc.

After configuring everything, you just have to install it using the simple snippet of code on the header of your website. 

How can you earn using Funnel Base?

In the current scenario, social proof helps in stimulating the impulse of users into buying your services and creating trust in your brand. When a customer visits your website and it sees genuine reviews from other clients and their experience, it tends to have a positive effect on the visitor and that increases the conversion rate exponentially. 

A study conducted by Moz shows that brands that use social proofs to create buying impulses tend to perform much better than the ones that don’t. 

Take a look at this graphic showing a before and after graph:

What Platforms Does It Work On?

It works on all the popular platforms out there, some of them are -

  • WordPress

  • Weebly

  • Shopify

  • Wix

  • Zapier

  • Woo

  • Squarespace

  • Drupal

And so many others too !!

My Honest Conclusion!

Thank you for reading the Funnel base review, the product is due to be launched on Feb 25, 2020. Stay tuned for all the exciting offers and discounts on the product. 

Here is a demo video & bonus for you!

If you are an eCommerce, a service base or a product based company funnel base is the product for you!