Sky Is The Limit With Tandem Paragliding Flights from Izaña
Read along to discover the true feeling upon taking tandem flights in Tenerife.

Flying is a dream of many but accomplished by a few. The reason being, not every individual has the courage to go the extra mile by taking that risk. But the ones who do embrace the risk, experience the most thrilling ride of their lives. In Tenerife, people usually find it difficult to resist flying due to the overwhelming sight of paragliders in the sky. Digging deep into it, tandem paragliding flight from Izaña is one of the best aerial excursions in all of Europe.

In the tandem flight, you are harnessed to the paraglider and are seated with a professional pilot who is in charge of the glider. One of the many advantages of a tandem flight is that it allows the participants to make the most of their time in the air. Tourists get a bird’s eye view of the spectacle of nature from a not so regular height that surely leaves them awestruck.

In case you want to fly from a lower height, paragliding flights in Adeje is a viable option.

Paragliding In Tenerife Is Fun With Kangaroo Tandem

Make wonderful memories of your time in the air with a tandem paragliding flight with us. Our expertise and dedication are unmatchable as we ensure that you have the best time in the air.

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