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Why Building Trust/Relationships is most important factor in B2B sales?

Now most of the B2C sales happen directly on E-commerce websites without much interaction of Big Ticket Size:
B2B sales are of big ticket size and with lot of money involved; a buyer tends to first build a relationship with the supplier and buyer as ticket size is small and it is one time buy (Ex:Amazon,Ebay).
Can it be same with B2B companies? Canone time B2B sales happening directly on E-commerce websites or Lead Selling websites give them long term beneficial relationship?
No.There are several reasons why B2B sales cannot happen as B2C do happen:
1. Decision Making Ability:
In B2C sales, consumer is a single decision-making unit, but a business is not. A business is composed of a number of distinct individuals. Many different people will likely have an influence on the decision-making process. So the B2B company is constantly trying to dig deeper, to probe beneath the surface of its relationship with the