3 Things Everyone Should Know About Periods, Vaginas, and Period Cups
3 Things Everyone Should Know About Periods, Vaginas, and Period Cups
After high school sex ed, did you ever think about periods again? If you have a period, the answer is yes. If not, then probably not so much—but you should. Menstruation and periods are critical to human life. Helping someone feel comfortable talking about their periods and period care like period cups can improve their experience, so periods aren’t scary, frustrating, or wasteful.

Mastering menstruation isn’t just for the people who have a period. Everyone should have an understanding of periods and period care that goes beyond high school sex ed. Seriously—it can be so beneficial to anyone with a period, helping them feel more comfortable discussing different kinds of period care like period cups and how these things can help.

Trust that someone’s experience with their period can be improved. Menstruation is powerful and natural, and it’s actually pretty cool. Everyone should know at least three things about periods, vaginas, and period care right off the bat.

It’s a Reproductive System—Not a Vagina!

First off, there’s the idea that the word “vagina” is all-encompassing for the female reproductive system. It’s not. The vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes are the internal components.

Vaginas are just the canal leading to the cervix. Every cervix sits differently in bodies that have a period—high, low, or tilted—and can move throughout your cycle, impacting comfort levels with period care products. Above the cervix is the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries, which house a fertilized egg, carry an egg, and make an egg, respectively. You have a period when there is no fertilized egg.

There Is Such a Thing as Sustainable Period Care

When you or someone you know has a period, they turn to period care to ensure the vagina (yes, the canal) and clothes are clean and protected. Unfortunately, leakages are pretty standard with single-use period items like tampons and pads. Then you change your tampon, pad, or liner and replace it with yet another single-use product. It adds up to a lot of period waste—and expense.

The good news is that every time someone has their period, they could also choose a sustainable option. A reusable period cup is an excellent alternative for anyone who has a period. By using a reusable period cup, you can eliminate a large amount of period waste over your lifetime. (Leakproof, absorbent period underwear is another reusable option.)

Period Cups Are Better for You, Your Pants, and the Planet

There’s nothing more comforting than getting period support where it counts, and period care has a lot to do with it. You can find upgraded period care for anyone who menstruates made with medical-grade silicone in various sizes and colors. Reusable period cups can help you protect your body, your pants, and the planet.

Once you get the hang of using a period cup, you can get comfortable with the leakproof seal between your cup and your vaginal wall. Instead of absorbing your flow and creating a dry environment, period cups collect your flow and can help maintain your vagina’s natural pH levels for that phase of your cycle.

No matter who you are or what kind of period care you’re familiar with, it’s important to know some information that could impact the experience of someone who menstruates on a cyclical basis. With knowledge, understanding, reusable products, and an open mind, anyone’s experience with periods can be improved.

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