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Mudras for Pranayama (Color illustration by Laramie Sasseville)

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - Mudra is a Sanskrit word that translates to “attitude” or “symbolic gesture”. There are many mudras associated with yoga. Those mentioned here are meant to effect the subtle, energetic body and are primarily used during pranayama practice. Their energetic effects also work on a subtle level of the mind and attitude.

(Color illustration by Laramie Sasseville)

With this writing we are referring to mudra as hand gesture, yet any specific position of the body can also be considered a mudra if the intention is to influence the mind /body connection on an energetic level. Mudras are part of a system in meditation whereby energetic circuits within the network of “nadis” are linked to enhance pranic flow.

six main groups of shatkarmas or Yogic cleansers

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - The nose is the body’s organ for ensuring that the air that enters the lungs is of sufficient purity and warmth not to cause harm. The air that we inhale is rarely suitable for entry into the lungs. It is generally too cold, too dirty and too germ-ridden. It is the function of the nose to rectify this situation. First of all, the air we breathe contains dust and small insects. These larger impurities are initially screened out by the vibrating hairs at the entrance to the nasal passages. These hairs vibrate in the opposite direction to the air as it enters the nose and prevent impurities from proceeding further. In the deeper regions of the nose there are special bony structures which are covered with a thick, spongy, germicidal mucus membrane, through which circulates a large, rich supply of blood. The mucus membrane follows a long winding air passage which ensures that all the inhaled air comes in contact with the membranes.

Meditation on the OM – World Peace Yoga School

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - God is spotless, attribute less, changeless, desire less, timeless, boundless and action less. That state is pure supreme consciousness with supreme silence. The god consciousness is an embodiment of bliss wisdom with supreme peace. It is all full, it is supreme one and it is infinite. In that divine state of god consciousness, there is neither day nor night, neither darkness nor light and neither east nor west and neither north nor south. There is neither rising nor setting, nor waxing nor waning. It is sexless. In the god consciousness there is neither male nor female, nor is it neutral. It is bodiless. It is a mass of divine light with supreme knowledge that is all pervading pure supreme consciousness. That divine state of god consciousness is supreme one and supreme self that pure supreme consciousness wanted to create the universe, in the line of first creation which starts from the pure supreme consciousness that first produce the sound, that divine sound is OM , A—————U——————M

Improves balance Firefly Yoga Pose – World Peace Yoga School

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - Firefly Pose is a particular pose of yoga which includes the requirement of possessing strength in one’s upper body along with lithe hamstrings. In other words, Firefly Pose is often considered to be a demanding posture which requires a capability to concurrently contract as well as expand the human body. The hamstrings as well as the inner area of the thighs requires being flexible and open, whereas, the hip flexors, serratus anterior and abdominals all need to be prompt in order to get going into action. This particular yoga posture is known to offer a prospect to exercise the right stability among the two opposite forces which in turn enables us to realize time or moment to unite with our centre. This pose is also popularly referred to as the Firefly Pose.



In the morning the body is not that much flexible because at night the body does not move so much and because of cold. In the evening because of heat and so much walking and activeness the body is flexible. So it is good to start with bone-joints exercises in the morning to make the joints and glands prepared for hatha practices. In the evening mainly we focus on the classical postures which may have the slow or rapid movement of the body, smooth flow of the body and the meditative attention of the movement of the body. In many postures according to the students capacity we use different kind of breathing practices and mantras to enhance the quality of Yoga practice. To make the body flexible and strong one need to practice regularly.

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