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FAQ on Lithium Ion Batteries | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - What is the difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium Ion batteries?
Primary difference between Lithium batteries and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is that most Lithium batteries are not rechargeable but Li-ion batteries are rechargeable. This is because Lithium batteries use lithium in its pure metallic form while Li-ion batteries use lithium compounds which are much more stable than the elemental lithium used in lithium batteries. Hence Lithium-ion batteries are designed to be recharged hundreds of times whereas Lithium batteries are not.
What is the best way to store Lithium Ion batteries?
Generally, it has been observed that Lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for many months. If the battery needs to be stored for many months, it is a good idea to charge is off and on during those several months.
How should I dispose of Lithium Ion batteries?
Lithium batteries are recyclable and hence should never be incinerated as there is a chance of them exploding. So the prop

Repairing Your Golf Cart Tires golf cart | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - As with all automobiles, Golf cart’s too sometimes disappoint you by their flat tires. A flat tire is the simplest and a no-cost issue that you can solve by yourself. Patching a tire is something you can learn to do with just a few tools.
Before you begin, make sure you have the following tools in hand:
• Jack
• Socket Wrench (3/4th inch)
• Wooden blocks
• Needle-nose pliers
• Air Compressor
• Safety glasses
• Patch Kit
Steps to follow
• Park your cart on a flat surface. Place the wooden block in the front & back of each of the wheels.
• Use the jack to lift the cart such that the damaged tire is completely off the ground. Remove the nuts on the wheel using the socket wrench and take the wheel off the cart.
• Now remove the nail or screw or the sharp object that was responsible for the flat tire. Use the nose-pliers to remove it or sometimes the item might have already fallen off leaving a small hole.
• Locating the hole is the next step which can be done after you wet th

Troubleshooting A Golf Buggy | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on News - Most of the golf buggies today are electric. Hence the most common issues that arise for an electric golf buggy is electrical related. The digital multimeter comes in handy at this point as it helps to check the voltage on the batteries and also makes sure wiring circuits are connected properly and have no resistance at all. The battery Hydrometer helps to check the condition of lead-acid batteries and to make sure that they are in a healthy condition. You need to make sure that the terminals are disconnected before checking the batteries. Golf buggies just like all other types of vehicles undergoes certain challenges like start-up or power-up issues. The commonly found issues do not require a professional mechanic and in most cases the buggy owners can themselves address them provided they have with them the necessary repair tools and the repair manual. The repair manual provides with disassembly and re-installation of components. The most basic repair tools include the following:

Troubleshooting Electric Golf Carts | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on News - It is a frustrating and annoying experience, each time you notice that your electric golf cart does not run. To troubleshoot you must get to the root of the problem. For this it is mainly important that you know the primary components of the golf cart so that you can check and rectify it. Make sure that all the battery connections are in place. Ensure that the terminals are free of erosion. If dirty, use a battery terminal cleaner to clean it and thereafter try to restart. Cleaner sprays are available at all retail auto-shops.
Test the batteries by disconnecting the cables from its terminal and using a flat-head screwdriver. Test the battery voltage by attaching each of its sides to a wire that leads to the 12-volt tester. If it shows a voltage that is less than 12 volts, replace the battery.
Try resetting the motor. You need to remove the panel that is situated in the rear of the golf cart. Once it is removed you will notice a small red button located close to the wires that enter

What Are The Factors You Should Bear In Mind While Purchasing

pwrhousedom on Sport - Today, lithium-ion is the fastest growing and most promising battery chemistry. It has an energy density that is twice that of nickel cadmium. Hence the load characteristics are good. This low maintenance battery, behaves similar to the nickel-cadmium battery. It does not require a scheduled cycling to prolong its life. Its self discharge is less compared to that of nickel cadmium batteries and well suited for modern fuel gauge applications. Despite its overall advantages, lithium-ion has its drawbacks. It is fragile and requires a protection circuit to maintain safe operation. Aging too remains as the main concern for most lithium-ion batteries but most manufacturers remain silent about it. After one year of use, capacity deterioration is seen irrespective of whether the battery is used or not. Batteries generally fail after two or three years.

How To Make A 36 Volt Golf Cart Run Fast

pwrhousedom on Sport - Electric golf carts have become popular and an important part of any golf course. A 36-volt and 48-volt golf carts are the most common contenders for the golf course. But some golfers feel that a 36-volt is not as fast as they would like them to be. However, there are a few steps if you take can make your golf cart run faster.
Any additional equipment on the golf cart can make your golf cart run slower. Hence make sure that all the unnecessary items like racks, parts of the golf cart, additional seats etc are removed.
• Wash your cart if possible using power wash. Soap it and scrub off all the dirt off your cart that can also slow it down.
• Examine the shaft of the cart. It is located under the ignition pedal. Make sure that there is no crank preventing you from pushing the pedal all the way to the floor. If you notice any issue, remove it with a screwdriver and wrench.

Wiring Accessories in Electric Single Seated Buggy

pwrhousedom on News - If you are thinking of installing electrical accessories in your electric single seated buggy, it is vital to know the options that differ as per the total vehicle’s voltage. Let us assume that you want to wire accessories of 12 volts on your golf vehicle. Usually, most electric buggies are 36- or 48-volt vehicles. In case of 36v buggy, two batteries are enough to generate 12 volts for your accessories to function nicely. Just spot the negative and positive terminals, through a tester, on two batteries. However, keep in mind that these batteries will wear out quicker. In case of 48v buggy, there is a problem. While a single 8v battery is inadequate to generate 12 volts, two such batteries will offer more power than required. If you use the latter option, the risk of accessory burning is always high due to excessive voltage.

Playability Factors to Consider before Buying 3 Wheel Golf Trolley

pwrhousedom on News - Maneuverability is dependent upon how nicely the trolley performs on the course. Well, we strongly consider taking a test drive by fitting a bag, full set of clubs, dozen balls, a range finder, a bag of tees, two gloves, markers, and a towel and adjusting the height up to the navel. For a smart trial, consider moving this filled trolley for ease of roll on different topographies to experience the ease of turn, retained traction, and averted tilting on slopes. When you check out the force required to get the trolley rolling, you simple can measure the ease of rolling. The quicker the rolling happens, the lesser the force to be applied and easier it is to roll. As a tip, check the amount of force to be applied on changing surfaces such as dirty ground, changing grass, and inclines.

Freedom T2-S Lithium Golf Trolley | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on News - Based on the slow start technology this trolley can be controlled very easily as it is equipped with a handle that has a simple dial control which uses a 9 speed system and an automatic distance control to send your trolley to the next tee whilst you hole out on the green. Extremely light weight, it uses solid tubeless lighter wheels to allow easier maneuvering and assembling. Endowed with a Lithium LiFep4 Battery, the battery weighs only 2.2 kg and has a 12v16ah capacity that is also suitable for use with Powerhouse Freedom Range and other golf trolley.

Powerhouse Golf Freedom Terrain Golf Trolley | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - Freedom Terrain is fashioned with a two action folding mechanism that enables the golfer to fold the trolley with just one rapid motion. The action of bringing the trolley from its upright position to its resting position takes just 30 seconds. Freedom Golf Terrain Trolley is a trolley that is a combination of style and elegance. From the specialists of golf equipment and services, Powerhouse Golf, it provides exceptional value to the golfer. Freedom Terrain golf trolley is power assisted and is designed using light weight alloy tubing which is highly reliable and durable. Endowed with a metallic gunmetal grey finish, it offers an incredible value for money spent. Bestowed with exceptional features, it offers outstanding performance on the golf course. Strong, highly durable and extremely steadfast, it is easy to use. Endowed with pneumatic tyres it offers tremendous grip.