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Practical Uses and Benefits of Electric Golf Trolley

pwrhousedom on Sport - In view of the fact that golf is a game that depends on co-ordination of the muscles of the back, shoulders and wrists, then whatever thing that helps to check sprains and injuries in these areas can only be advantageous. An ideal golf swing not only needs muscles that are co-ordinated but muscles that are also fresh and equipped for action. Moving with a heavy bag looped over one shoulder is not helpful in keeping these muscles in the good shape. A lot of golfers come across that the aches and pains that they occur after a long afternoon on the fairways are in reality from the carrying of a heavy golf bag not because of playing the real game of golf.

Which Material is Ideal for a Golf Trolley

pwrhousedom on News - A golfer truly needs to take care of shoulder and back muscles if he or she desires to play victoriously. However, the muscles receive a setback when golfer tends to carry all golf equipment on his or her back. However, with an apt golf trolley, this problem can be eliminated forever. A trolley is capable of taking the golf clubs and equipment on wheels instead of on your shoulders, which means all the weight is now on wheels!
Despite this capability, the trolley should be light in weight so that you can push it easily. For this purpose, you need to check the material from which the trolley is made. Usually, golf trolleys are made up of titanium, steel, or aluminium. Of all the three, steel is the heaviest material although it delivers a highly robust structure. These trolleys are far cheaper than titanium counterparts are.
Aluminium trolleys are truly light but are not as robust as steel equivalents. However, titanium fuses the feature of robust design by steel with the lightweight

Waterproof Golf Clothing | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - Attire for golf game is designed with weather conditions and durability in mind. Waterproof golf clothing is very crucial to any golfer. It comes in a variety of styles and colors to keep you appearing and feeling your best even when the weather is against you. Rather than a luxury, waterproof golf clothing is considered as a necessity. In general, waterproof golf attire is manufactured using 100% Swing Dry TPU laminated waterproof polyester to protect you from the outdoor elements. A fully waterproof and insulated garment combines moisture management fabrics with sports performance flexibility. The cloths make sure that you stay warm and dry. Waterproof suits are a must for regular golfers who take pleasure in the game irrespective of the weather conditions. No matter how heavily rain pours, the suits protects you from it. Windproof clothing is also available to lock in warmth and cut the wind chill factor.

Types of 3 Wheel Golf Trolleys | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - A 3 wheel golf trolley is certainly in more demand than a 2 wheel model perhaps because it is more stable than the latter. This is evident when the trolley equipped with bulky bags and other golf equipment is used in wind or on a hilly terrain. Most of these stable models are light in weight, easily foldable to a compact size, and comfortable in usage. Further, they also come with adjustable handle for easy gripping as well as several holders for accessories. While shopping for them, you are likely to come across its two types: Push and Electric.
As the name suggests, the push model works when you push it with your hands, which means there is no need of fuel or batteries. On the other hand, the electric model works on batteries, especially those of lithium that are relatively lighter in weight than other batteries. Of the two, the electric one is certainly more efficient, as you need not put efforts in making the trolley work. It is also costlier than the push models but worth the mo

Electric Golf Trolley – Reliability | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - When shopping for an electric golf trolley, reliability is one of the most important features to look for. So it is important that you find an authorized dealer. Quality of the trolley is equally important as the reliability of the dealer who sells them. It will be difficult for you to find the right spare parts, if you do not purchase a trolley from an authorized dealer. You will be cheated on low quality products if you fall for the low price or discount offered on such vehicles. There are some other dealers who simply procure low quality trolleys and then put them on auctions. These trolleys may break down easily and at the time of repairing, these dealers may not be found anywhere.
When purchasing a trolley depending on its reliability, you have to analyze the time period the manufacturer has been established in the industry. Popular and well established manufacturers are capable of producing good quality trolleys that can present you with all the spare parts that are available c

Important Golfing Accessories | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on News - Golf Balls: Not all golf balls are created uniformly. Depending on different skill levels and experience, golfers can select from a number of internal and external ball constructions. More expensive balls can be made from many different layers of material which can make the ball harder or softer. Golf Gloves: Depending on the material and features, golf gloves differ in price. They tend to come in either leather or synthetic materials. Leather has a good grip of clubs and can remain soft on the skin. The only disadvantage is that they can retain water if you play in the rain. Synthetic materials can offer a bit more flex and breathability. With synthetic gloves, areas of the hand such as the knuckles are given more freedom. It can also help you feel less restricted.
Golf Bags: One of the prerequisites for playing golf, a golf bag helps to store and carry your clubs in. A good golf bag will hold all of your golf clubs and provide a safe place to keep them from damage or rain water. Th

Tips To Check If Your Putter Is Right For You

pwrhousedom on Sport - Most golfers has the tendency to buy a putter based on its look and feel. However with a little knowledge and cautions you can find a putter that suits your individual putting style. Look-out for the following characteristics to see if your putter fits your style:
The length of your putter should allow you to make a technically correct stroke
It should lie correctly such that the sole of the putter sits flat on the ground
The loft should produce the right troll neither too much that makes the ball jump nor too little that it hits into the ground and bounces offline.
The heel to toe weight distribution should be accurate and must correspond to the putter face rotation provided.
Swing weight must prevent the putter head from wavering during the stroke and offers distance control
Strike should be strong but at the same time it should feel good.
Must provide you with confidence when you stand behind the ball
All this being said, finding a putter that suits you depends totally upon

Electric Golf Trolleys: Advantages and Disadvantages

pwrhousedom on Sport - Electric golf trolleys are less costly to operate since they don’t necessitate refueling. As they do not produce carbon or other harmful emissions, they are also more environmentally friendly. This allows them to be operated indoors. Lastly, electric golf trolleys are much quieter throughout the operation than their flammable engine counterparts. This may be pleasing to users who do not want to upset other golfers or desire a more calm golfing experience on the course.
The noticeable drawback to electric golf trolleys is that they are the most expensive from the outset. This is often tone down for the reason that the cost of fuel quickly exceeds the overall cost of an electric golf trolley. But buyers who are budget constrained may locate the first cost difficult. They also generally have less power than gas golf trolleys, which can more easily navigate rougher and steeper terrain. Last of all, in regards to charging electric golf trolleys need some level of planning.

What Do You Know About Golf Buggies | Power House Golf

pwrhousedom on Sport - For the transportation of players and equipment in the region of the golf course a machine called golf buggy is used. These golf buggies are also known as golf carts. These golf buggies are usually motorized by electric and normally run on a battery. Golf buggies are extensively used to tour around the golf course to transport players and equipments. Golf buggies are ideal for using on private property particularly if the property is widespread. Many different models of golf buggies are available. A greater part of golf buggies that are available are simple buggies which are provided with a canopy over head to give protection from the sun.
Normally the simplest models of golf buggies are made to accommodate up to four passengers. There is an open bay area in the back of the golf buggy to store golf equipments. A golf buggy has a steering wheel and an accelerator pedal in addition to a brake pedal. Some very sophisticated models of golf buggies are also available that are decorated to

Playability Components to Check Out 3 WHEEL PUSH GOLF

pwrhousedom on Sport - Apart from being portable, a push golf trolley with three wheels needs to be a smart play facilitator.
Performance on the ground and portability for quick transport make a 3 wheel push golf trolley the most wanted one for a golfer. Undoubtedly, golfers demand for ease of push, secure holding of bag, and sufficient storage space for gear. Keeping this in mind, it becomes essential to assess the trolley components that add significantly to your performance on the ground. So, let us check them out!
Push Cart - Tri Lite
First comes the console that directly affects the ease of access to gear and abundant storage volume. Therefore, consider finding out the total number of holders for storing balls, tees, cups, scorecard, and even pencil. If the gear is more, you certainly need more storage volume. Second, you need to check for bag fit – how securely the bag fits while moving on the terrain. In case the bag slips or twists within from the straps, the trolley is cert