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Marijuana Doctors:-Can you lose weight using pot?

azzem on Health Fitness - Now there is an interesting question that is at the moment scientifically hard to prove. It is more common knowledge that smoking pot increases appetite, hence the munchies where everything is craved. In recent studies though, it is found that cannabis users as less obese than those that don’t use pot. Surprising results!

It is found that pot users that smoke round 3 times per week had obesity rates of 14.3 to 17.2 percent whereas non-users had a rate of between 22 to 25.3 percent. It has to be clarified that the study didn’t prove that using pot induces weight-loss.

Two compounds from marijuana leaves are found to increase energy burning. This could lead to specially breeding marijuana plants to produce these two chemicals to aid obese patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. Interestingly enough, these 2 chemical compounds rather calm a major cannabinoid receptor other than stimulating it. It is common knowledge that marijuana increases appetite. With this research it is ho

Studies and Anecdotal Evidence Support the Use of Medical Marijuana

azzem on Health Fitness - The brain controls movements of the body by sending small electrical signals to the muscles via the nerves. However, when there’s a sudden surge of electrical activity within the brain, the abnormal signals that occur temporarily change the way the body functions, resulting in a seizure. The symptoms of seizures vary, depending on the type of seizure. Grand mal seizures, the most well-known type of seizure, are characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions. However, petit mal seizures, or absence seizures, have few physical symptoms and may only involve the patient staring blankly or blinking rapidly for a few seconds.

Although many patients who experience a seizure never experience a second one, those suffering from epilepsy or other neurological disorders may experience seizures regularly. For some, seizures occur so frequently that their quality of life is compromised, and frequent seizures take a big toll on the body and on the brain. Recent anecdotal evidence and both

How Reefer Madness is still prevalent in today’s society

azzem on Health Fitness - The dark ages of Reefer Madness leading up to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the original measure for outlawing the plant, only changed faces over the years but have remained a constant factor in the way the mainstream media presents information.

The other day I was scouring my Facebook feed and saw a post by Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, about an article written by Laura Cudworth talking about “shatter” being the ‘highly addictive version of cannabis”.

Her article regurgitated the same old reefer madness through and through and even went on saying, “Whether it will overshadow crystal meth and oxycodone in popularity has yet to be seen.”

To even compare these substances with cannabis in any form is a position of deception with the motive to induce fear into any who read these kinds of articles.

Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age

azzem on Health Fitness - In a recent interview with President Obama and Shane Smith from Vice News many topics were discussed however the topic of cannabis was also talked about. In the interview Shane Smith said that ‘Cannabis is one of the most popular questions among young people’ where Obama responded that “cannabis shouldn’t be a priority to young people but rather jobs, education and so forth”.

While these points that Obama spoke about is important, there is a reason why Cannabis is a priority for young people. This article is designed to show you ‘why’

DEA’s Latest “Baked Bunny” defense is like something out of Monty Pyth

azzem on Health Fitness - Last year DEA administrator Michelle Leonhart sternly spoke about her fear of ‘pets accidentally eating cannabis infused foods’ and that we should “think about the dogs”. While this might seem comical, the fact of the matter was that she was 100% serious about her comment. According to Leonhart, the safety of our pets are more important than our civil liberties.

We fast-forward one year and now we have the DEA at it again, this time…BAKED BUNNIES!

Utah and their Baked Bunny Dilemma

During a testimony to a Utah Senate panel last week, Special Agent Matt Fairbanks noted that wildlife could ‘cultivate a taste’ for the plant.

Controversial Pro Pot Message in California received with mixed feelin

azzem on Health Fitness - California is gearing up to legalize marijuana in 2016 and with all likeliness will most probably pass the initiative. Some groups are already making PSAs to help with the movement however; the first one to catch the public eye has sparked some controversy over the presentation of the video.

What does the video entail?

Essentially you have a bunch of tattooed ‘stoners’ blowing smoke in the camera, taking bong hits and talking about the benefits of legalizing marijuana. The purpose is to get people on board to vote for legalization in 2016.

“Bringing back Hash bars” and being allowed to smoke on the beach is some of the motivations behind this video and is aimed at a very specific demographic.

Want to know what cannabis companies to invest in?

azzem on Health Fitness - We recently received a message on our Facebook feed from Mr. Ronald Holland who brought to our attention about what marijuana stocks to invest in and what companies should be doing to benefit from the trends of legalization.

While I won’t go into great depth about the report, I will provide a link at the bottom of this article for anyone interested in investing in cannabis businesses, especially those that will succeed. I will however talk a bit about the main premise of which cannabis businesses will actually make it in this brave new world of marijuana.

Major Physicians' Group Calls For Decriminalization of Marijuana

azzem on Health Fitness - For the first time in more than a decade, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its official position on medical marijuana by recommending that the U.S. government reclassify marijuana so that scientists can start to conduct real research into its potential health effects,. The AAP made its recommendation in its new policy statement.

Although AAP does not support the full legalization of marijuana, believing that the drug is not healthy for children and that legalizing it for cults will make it easier for children to get their hands on it, however the new policy statement supports the decriminalization of cannabis, a policy change that its authors believe will "take this while issue out of the criminal justice system and put it into the public health system where really should be."

Dr Oliver Brown - Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

azzem on Health Fitness - Dr. Oliver Brown first came to Newcastle in 1998. He was a well-respected and popular Registrar when he trained at the John Hunter Hospital and Westmead Hospital in Sydney.

After returning back to the UK to do advanced training in Obstetrics and Urogynaecology at the famous Jessop Hospital for Women in Sheffield, he learned new techniques and gained more experience and qualifications. Dr. Brown commenced private practice in 2007, after having previously worked as a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the John Hunter Hospital as a staff specialist with an interest in obstetrics where he looked after the trial of scar and breech birth clinic.

What does 50 years of Marijuana smoking do to you?

azzem on Health Fitness - What does 50 years of smoking cannabis do to you? According to Catherine Hiller...nothing much. Read more!
We frequently hear prohibitionists talk about “longevity of marijuana use” and the uncertainty of what it could do to you. The problem with this assessment is that it would mean that marijuana use is something ‘new’; however, there are millions of cannabis smokers that have a few decades of cannabis use under their belts meaning that we do have some reference to what a 50-year-old stoner would look like.