Upper Mustang Trek, mustang trek, visiting upper mustang
The literal meaning of Mustang is "Fertile Plain", past kingdom of Lo and now it is a bit of Nepal, flanking the Tibetan level, which was opened for the guest in March 1992. Upper mustang is an unproductive valley with Trans Himalaya. Mustang was at one time a basic course to cross the Himalaya among Tibet and Nepal, and a vast bit of the old salt groups experienced Mustang. This is a locale where we will trek to, finding the supernatural occurrences of the designing, tongue, their captivating society and traditions which are basically Tibetan.

Trekking in Mustang territory is an extraordinary issue, which takes you to a completely dry area past the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The course includes crossing desert like scene, pointless edges, significant crevasse, broke up feigns and moraine valleys. Trekking in Mustang is truly a champion among the most compensating experiences in Nepal. Along these lines, through this trek you will have an adjacent viewpoint of the primitive society