What is the difference between software development services and IT services
What is the difference between software development services and IT services
In this article we will explain to you what IT services and software development services are,so next time when you try to buy these services you can mention the right terminology.

2. Web design and development services

A web design and development service provides you with a customized website for your business or personal use to increase your digital presence. Web design service providers work with you to design and develop websites that match your brand and give your customer a delightful user experience. Websites are designed and developed using PHP, WordPress, Drupal Javascript, .net, and HTML frameworks. Here are examples of the companies who do this:


3. ERP software development services

ERP software development services include development of software exclusively for a particular organization rather than the mass market. The software is designed to help organizations to manage day to day business operations like accounting, customer relationship management, project management, risk management, compliances and supply chain management. Here are examples of the companies who do this:

Bamboo Agile: 

4. UI/UX Design Services

UX design services help in creating an optimal experience for users when they interact with your digital product like a website or mobile app. On the other hand, UI design services' main concern is how easily users navigate your digital product. UI and UX designers work together to make sure the product reflects the client's vision. Some main functions performed in UI/UX design services are conducting user research, creating user personas, designing user flows and wireframes, creating prototypes, and test products on real users.


5. API Development Services

Companies build API (application programming interfaces) for you that allow applications to interact with each other, share information, and boost connectivity across your organization. Developers build custom APIs by ground up or by adding customization to existing API that an application is already using. They use a variety of programming languages to build API like Ruby, PHP, Perl and JavaScript via Node.js.


Different type of IT services

1. Network security

Network security should be the main priority for any organization that works with networked data and systems. Network security services offer protection to your network and data from breaches, viruses, and other threats. Network security involves access control, application security, network analytics, virus and antivirus software, firewall, VPN encryption, and many more.


2. Web hosting services

Web hosting services offered dedicated or shared hosting of one or more services for their customers. It is usually used for hosting websites, host company emails, files, games, and other content. There are mainly four types of web hosting services provided by companies such as managed hosting, cloud hosting, colocation facilities, and private virtual server.