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River Water Treatment Plant - Ahmedabad - Gujarat India

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River water is mainly contaminated by physical and biological impurities consist of Totals suspended solids, turbidity, bacteria, virus, algae etc. which need to remove before supply and distribution of river water for various uses.

River water treatment is the process of removing contaminants from flowing or stagnant river water which includes physio-chemical treatment of water with the combination of conventional and advance treatment process like coagulation, flocculation, clarification, settling, filtration and disinfection of filter water to produce an environmentally safe and pure water suitable for drinking and multiple uses in domestic, institution and industrial application.

Shubham inc is a leading manufacturer of sewage & effluent treatment plants for the industrial, Government and Municipal . With a decade old experience,
shubham inc has successfully executed over 1000 installations in industries, Government, hotels, and Municipal becoming a preferred supplier of Sewage Treatment Plants and Zero Liquid Discharge Plant and Effluent Treatment Plant.




Rivers in India are depleting everyday due to its high levels of contamination. There is an everyday increase in human waste being thrown to the rivers. High levels of contamination is causes by algae, bacteria and other viruses that can be treated in a biological process through Sewage Treatment Plants provided by EcoTec.

Treating river water can yield many benefits to the local source of water. By removing contaminants using SBR technology the river water can be re used again to stop ground water from depleting itself. There are a number of filtration plants that can be used to purify the water and one of them is sand filtration.

Ecotec is a technology based company that delivers the most advanced sewage treatment system in India. More than 500 installations and yet no odor. Many of our installations include apartments, homes, hospitals, municipals, hotels, commercial buildings, marraige halls etc.

Visit us at our website (EcoTec Engineers and Consultants) to know more.

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