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RFID Sticker is the good partner of quality goods--ZBTECH

catherineyc on World - When you are going to buy cigarette, wine, or any high-value goods, have you ever hesitate, or be afraid of buying fake?

If you are supplier of high-value goods you must expressing your unwillingness for your clients bought fake products, you must hate the duplicators damaged your reputation.

Let’s imagine that you are a fan of red wine, you cost a lot to buy one, when you open it,find the taste is not right,you will talk with the agent, maybe they even do not why this happen. and they will not send back the money to you because the wine already open. this things happen may hurt both client and agent,let think about it if there is an identification stands for the original one, before people buy, distributors and agents scan the tag with matched reader, they can show the details information of the red wine.


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