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Meditation on the OM – World Peace Yoga School

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - God is spotless, attribute less, changeless, desire less, timeless, boundless and action less. That state is pure supreme consciousness with supreme silence. The god consciousness is an embodiment of bliss wisdom with supreme peace. It is all full, it is supreme one and it is infinite. In that divine state of god consciousness, there is neither day nor night, neither darkness nor light and neither east nor west and neither north nor south. There is neither rising nor setting, nor waxing nor waning. It is sexless. In the god consciousness there is neither male nor female, nor is it neutral. It is bodiless. It is a mass of divine light with supreme knowledge that is all pervading pure supreme consciousness. That divine state of god consciousness is supreme one and supreme self that pure supreme consciousness wanted to create the universe, in the line of first creation which starts from the pure supreme consciousness that first produce the sound, that divine sound is OM , A—————U——————M.

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