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Improves balance Firefly Yoga Pose – World Peace Yoga School

worldpeaceyoga on Health Fitness - Firefly Pose is a particular pose of yoga which includes the requirement of possessing strength in one’s upper body along with lithe hamstrings. In other words, Firefly Pose is often considered to be a demanding posture which requires a capability to concurrently contract as well as expand the human body. The hamstrings as well as the inner area of the thighs requires being flexible and open, whereas, the hip flexors, serratus anterior and abdominals all need to be prompt in order to get going into action. This particular yoga posture is known to offer a prospect to exercise the right stability among the two opposite forces which in turn enables us to realize time or moment to unite with our centre. This pose is also popularly referred to as the Firefly Pose.

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