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Bukhara Holiday Tour Packages from India

suraj57 on Travel - Going on holidays to India seems to transfer one to a different dimension altogether. Each and every part of the country oozes its own distinct charm that slowly but surely takes over the mind, body, and soul of the visitor. The historic attractions of the Golden Triangle Tour and the beaches of Goa and Kerala, all seem hell bent upon making you a willing captive. Find out more on some of the Indian wonders.

Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia which was previously a part in Soviet Russia. Kazakhstan lies to its west, Kyrgyzstan to its north, Tajikistan to its east and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to its south. Uzbekistan is place where ancient history is found and there are natural scenes and sceneries.

The Great Silk Road passed through ancient Bukhara, making it one of the major centres of science, the arts, trade and Islamic culture. It boasts scholars, saints, artisans and architects. In 1997 the city celebrated its 2500th anniversary, and Bukhara is proud of its unique ancient monuments, 2000 of which are protected by UNESCO. Bukhara became one of the favourite tourism destinations of travelers.

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