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Are You in the eCommerce Industry? Here’re Trends You Can’t Miss

9eCommerce on World - eCommerce is an extremely important industry. A recent study conducted forecasts double digit growth for the industry until 2020. This will mean that eCommerce sales will surpass a whopping $4 trillion by 2020. Can you think of any other industry that is expected to have the same potential? This is the reason that has made eCommerce exciting and has attracted intense competition in the industry. This warrants for you to stay updated with the trends in the industry. In this blog post, we would like to speculate about the most significant trends that are going to dominate eCommerce for the rest of 2019.

Logistics: Being eCommerce web developers, we get many customers who ask us to establish a niche for them. However, there aren’t many differentiators left in the industry except for logistics. Yes; we are talking about shipping times and delivery. Now that we are talking about logistics, let’s talk about the industry leader. Amazon prime is already offering one or two-day free shipping. There have been faster, though. A thermometer was delivered in eight minutes and an ice-cream in mere nine minutes. Amazon has come up with standard one-hour delivery for over 8000 Amazon prime members in certain regions. Other stores are only going to catch up. This battle is going to intensify in the rest of the months.

Voice Search: Another trend that our team of eCommerce website developers has noticed in the recent past is that of voice search. Many eCommerce platforms are innovating with voice search. Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo have become popular, and these voice platforms (along with many others) are being used to shop digitally. The increasing use of these devices to complete purchases is not just about building sales. It is now turning out to be a tool of building customer loyalty.

Internet of Things (IOT): The rise of IOT is not hidden from anybody. Companies, especially in the eCommerce space, are big on internet of things. In the recent times, smart toasters, smart bathroom fixtures, and even smart luggages have been released. The interesting point is that everything that can be connected to the internet can be a point of sale system. Can you imagine smart devices like toasters and refrigerators being used to push special offers and advertisements?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: The rising power of AI is becoming a major contribute to eCommerce. Machine learning is already being used in the industry. An example of that is product recommendations and the new improved search functionality. These technologies will be improved significantly in the near future. The same technology is also assisting with conversational agents for customer service. At this point, these conversational agents are managing only basic conversations. However, the technology will soon be able to manage with complete tasks that can include resolving problems and assisting with transactional functionality.

Mobile Checkout: We are eCommerce web designers and design many mobile checkouts and payment systems. This has brought about a dramatic change in the way people shop. Today, there are tons of different platforms for mobile payment. Some of the top platforms include Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. This is going to increase further and will help with increasing sales through the mobile platform.

Let us know if you can think of any other trend. Moreover, if you need help from eCommerce web designers or developers, we will be able to assist you with that. Contact us .

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