Three players Golden State Warriors should include in a deal for Anthony Davis
Three players Golden State Warriors should include in a deal for Anthony Davis
The Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers are in bad shape at the moment. The Lakers looked promising like they did in the offseason but they went 3-10 for the first thirteen games.

Three players Golden State Warriors should include in a deal for Anthony Davis

However they are currently Warriors seem to be just a little higher in the standings with a subpar 5-5 overall and 7-7 road record.

Big man Perennial All Star Anthony Davis has been arguably the only player who has been consistent in the present Lakers team. In light of Golden State's inability to produce on the court, it is logical that they make a deal for AD.

The Warriors are the most valuable team currently in the league and they can certainly make a deal to acquire Davis. However, they'd require to take a an extensive study of their roster to make this happen.

Let's take a look some Warriors players that could be part of a trade idea to Davis.

Golden State won the chip last season , but without a top All-Star center. While it appears to work previously, it's becoming increasingly apparent the fact that Stephen Curry needs some powerful assistance in the backcourt.

At the moment, the Warriors have two big men in their roster who haven't had significant contributions to the team's floor, Kevon Looney and James Wiseman.

Looney has been playing for the Warriors since the beginning of 2016, but today his statistics have still not enough to wow the team. For the last eight season, Looney never reached double figures in rebounding, and has hardly blocked one shot per game.

Wiseman however, isn't at his best despite his improved health this season. It's easy to see the head coach Steve Kerr finds it difficult to get the most out of Wiseman since the 21-year-old hasn't yet demonstrate any significant power in his arsenal. He's recorded just 7.3 pointsand 4.0 rebounding, as well as 0.4 block per contest up to this point.

Examining an analysis of Looney looking at the Looney Wiseman circumstance, it seems that all signs point towards an offer that involves the future selections of a couple as a trade for Davis to serve as a starting point.

It's always thrilling to see one of the top players back on the roster. But, returning Klay Thompson back to the Warriors team hasn't been an easy ride so far.

Although he is currently in the prime Thompson's numbers are not that far off his All-Star numbers of 20 points or more per game. After just 11 games, Thompson is only averaging just 14.7 scoring points per match.

With the Lakers without a reliable three-point sharpshooter Thompson and a couple of youngsters or draft picks could be a tempting trade proposal for LA.

Warriors Veteran Draymond Green is not renowned for his scoring. His greatest assets include rebounding and playmaking even although he has never managed to consistently score more than double-digits in these areas. However, Green earned quite a reputation for his basketball intelligence.

It seems that Green is having a difficult time coordinating some of the best performances in the Warriors and that shouldn't remain like that for the rest of this year. This opens the possibility of the possibility of a trade.

Green is still a great player, and the Lakers could find a way to make way to make use of his impressive leadership. With the addition of future picks or possibly Thompson or Andrew Wiggins, Golden State might be able to make an appealing plan that would benefit the Lakers.

No matter when or how regardless of when and how Warriors should regardless of the time and place, the Warriors must have Davis in their team regardless of when and how they lose games, particularly when they continue to lose games.