Overview of Golf Trolley Wheels | Power House Golf
Welcome to the Lugada theme. You're seeing this text because you haven't configured your widgets. Browse to the Widgets section in your admin panel. To enable slider, twitter button, facebook like, google +1 button open Lugada Options in Appearance. Either for cart or trolley, golf wheels are designed to have low speed, which means they are not for high-speed travel. They, just like tires, cannot retain the stress of accelerated rotation when loaded heavily. In terms of mounting style, you can two options to choose from as per the usage purpose: Negative offset and center mount.
Both of them differ as per the mounting flange’s position (wheel’s center where the lug bolts reside). In case of center mount wheels, the flange is in the wheel width’s middle while gauging side to side. They are the standard accessories for most manufacturers. On the other hand, negative offset wheels have flange located off-center towards the vehicle. Herein, the wheels move the flange inwards by an inch or