Know Your Golf Cart Tire Patterns | Power House Golf
The tread pattern of a golf car tire is a vital factor in deciding the most suitable terrain on which the vehicle will perform its best. The patterns differ from smooth (no tread) to straight ribs and knobby, ideal for green lawns, golf and turf, and muddy or lifted paths respectively. Therefore, tires are truly among the vital golf buggy accessories.
In case of smaller carts, a few tires have a directional tread, which means you need to mount the tires carefully and position on the precise side of the vehicle for allowing the tread to rotate forward. Offering great traction, these tires when mounted properly tend to direct mud and dirt towards the rear, thus, keeping the tread clean.
Next, you can choose sand tires if you wish to have maximum traction. Acting significantly different from several normal patterns, these tires appear to possess paddles. As sand responses drastically different from hard terrain conditions and moves or slides, the paddles offer highest degree of traction