Golf Jacket – Buying Guide | Power House Golf
Jacket is the basic and most common type of weather outerwear. For any player, it is very necessary to preserve their upper body dry and sustain the space and flexibility to swing. So there are some important factors to consider when choosing a jacket. At least, weather or not the jacket is rainproof, waterproof and windproof. It should be comfortable to wear, look good and most significantly that you can swing well wearing it. Comfort: The Golf Jacket must be comfortable to wear. CHECK Golf Jacket Here>>
Playability: With the jacket on you must be able to swing with no restraint and not feel that it is limiting your swing. Jackets can have a full length zip, a collar zip or just be a slip-on jacket. Usually zips are just a matter of preference. However full length zips have a tendency to cause the jacket to protrude when you are crouching for a chip or putt, which can upset players.
Other features that you may want to consider in your jacket are pockets, cuffs, inside lining, hoods