Golf Gift Ideas: Birthday Gifts | Power House Golf
If you have a golf enthusiast in your life and want to celebrate their love of the sport with a creative gift then select a golf gift to improve his/her game or help pass the hours until their next tee time. From golf shirts and golf clubs to personalized balls and keepsakes, you are sure to discover the perfect unique gift for your favorite golfer.
Options for golf birthday gifts are golf accessories including golf clubs, balls and golf bags. There are different kinds of golf clubs to choose from as a birthday gift and you have to choose the type which suits his personality. You can make it more personal by getting his name engraved on the stand or on the pen. You can even find pens designed like a golf ball, which he might like.
Handcrafted golf carts are an excellent gift which reminds the love for sports and cars. It can be accommodated together in this simple gift. You can design a wooden handcrafted golf cart yourself by using a little help.