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Termite inspections of your prospective new home are a must; as termite damage isn’t typically covered by most home insurance policies. iPest Solutions delivers thorough inspections and leaves no stone unturned. Protect your future investment and maintain transparency with the current owner.

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The three types of commensal rodents are the House Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat. Occasionally, the white-footed mouse, deer mouse, harvest mouse, pocket mouse, or pack rats may enter buildings, particularly if they are near wooded areas or fields. Rodent Control Waco

We have all heard the bedtime rhyme about not “letting the bedbugs bite,” but increasingly bedbugs have become a reality to countless homes and businesses in Central Texas. What most people don’t know is that bedbugs were commonplace pre-World War II but subsided for 20-30yrs afterward due to a variety of factors. Unfortunately, since 1999 they have now made a historic comeback in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, health care facilities, dormitories, shelters, schools, modes of transport, and MANY other areas. Waco Bed Bug Control