FAQs about Vacuum Cleaner
The vacuum automatically starts again; this cycle recurrences for as long as the vacuum is working.

Q: What is a central vacuum?

A:Most built-in Central vacuum systems consist of a power unit, centrally located, containing the vacuum generating motor and dirt gatherer. The tubing is merely directed through walls by way of the loft or under floors to conveniently situated wall inlets from the vacuum unit. To vacuum, alight weight, flexible hose is mounted into the wall inlets. All surfaces at home can be cleaned effectively using the multipurpose cleaning tools.


Q: Why buy a central vacuum?

A:Vacuum cleaning has become an essential part of day-to-day life. The global climate is changing, and pollution is very high; all this brings more dust and dirt to your homes. Of course, then some children and pets come in with more than just dirt.Somewhere down the line, the necessity for vacuum cleaners has become critical.Finding the right central vacuum system can be hard; hence central vacuum cleaning is the best choice because it’s reliable and functionally efficient.

Q: Why choose Drainvac?

A:Ingenuity, professionalism, innovation, and creativity with thirty years'experience. Our in-depth knowledge, experience, and passion come together to offer you the most comprehensive and best-performing machine on the market,whether you need a residential, commercial, or industrial cleaning product.

Q: Difference between Drainvac from other similar maintenance products?

A: Drainvac offers a wide range of products on the market, one of which is exclusive:a vacuum that drains automatically. So far, no other equivalent product comes close to the inspiring characteristics of this vacuum.

Q: What is this Automaticself-flushing central vacuum cleaner?

A:Better known as the Drainvac Automatic, this revolutionary machine is named as the best on the market environmentally, links directly to the water pipes and sewer drainage of a home or business.

Q: How does the Drainvac Automatic system work?

A:As soon as the central vacuum system is switched on, water sprays at the beginning where dust enters the machine. The dust becomes weightier and settles down to the bottom of the tank. The tank is closed by a valve that remains closed when the vacuum is working.After 15 minutes, the vacuum automatically stops. As soon as the vacuum halts,the tank empties itself for 10 seconds into the house or business's sewer drain. The vacuum automatically starts again; this cycle recurrences for as long as the vacuum is working.