Boxing betting
Boxing betting
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Boxing betting

It is now easier than ever to bet on ข่าวมวย boxing online, thanks to the many online sportsbooks that accept wagers on fight outcomes. It is now easier than ever to make boxing more thrilling by placing bets on the outcome at hundreds of trusted online sportsbooks.

Boxing Betting Markets

Online sportsbooks, mostly US-based ones, only allow players to bet on the win market. Some, like BetUs, a top US sportsbook, will open up books in the "over/under market." You can bet on whether the fight will reach a certain distance. This is usually 11 1/2 rounds. This market can be extremely profitable and it's worth looking for. This market is available only for certain fights. Usually, these are the most popular fights.

You can access many other boxing betting sportsbooks if you're not from America. These will have more markets available for opportunistic bettors. You can also bet on other markets, such as:

Round Betting- This is where you bet on the time and winner of the fight, such as Arthur Abraham winning in round 7.

Grouped round betting - You can bet on the winner fighter in a number of rounds. Arthur Abraham will win in the 7th or 9th rounds.

Total rounds - Bets can be placed on the number of rounds that will take place. For example, the over/under for a fight lasting 9.5 rounds.


Fight Outcome- You can place a bet on this mark fight. For example, a fighter could win by Technical Knockout, Disqualification, or Knockout. Or a fighter might win by Decision. Different odds will be available for each outcome, and each fighter will have both. This area also offers the possibility of backing a draw, which is a possible but unlikely outcome.