iOS 14.0.1 Problems: Things You Should Know
Is your iPhone facing problems after the iOS 14.0.1 upgrade, checkout this blog to know about the possible solutions.

iOS 14.0.1 Problems: Things You Should Know

Boasting a ton of eye-catching features like App Library, Home Screen widgets, and headphone audio customization, iOS 14 is a massive upgrade. Days after launching iOS 14 officially, Apple released iOS 14.0.1 with performance improvements and bug fixes. Though the latest version of the software seems more stable, it is not without issues of its own.

So, we have listed all the major iOS 14.0.1 problems and discussed possible solutions for the same. If your iPhone or iPad is facing these issues, this guide can assist you in overcoming those issues.

Several iPhone owners who had recently upgraded to iOS 14.0.1 have reported an unexpected battery drain. Many of them have stated that the battery hardly delivers half the number hours of battery life they were getting before the update.

Though it’s not unusual to see the rapid battery drain on iOS 14.0.1, the problem can be resolved by taking control of power-hungry features. So, turn off all the features that tend to consume more battery.

Head into the Location Services (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) and Background App Refresh (Settings > General > Background App Refresh) settings and turn them off.

 Battery Drain in ios14.0.1

Besides, delete the outdated apps and update all the apps so that they can run smoothly. Try these simple steps and you should see a change in the battery performance.

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Wi-Fi issues have always been around iOS. And guess what, they seemed to have cropped up on iOS 14.0.1 as well. But don’t worry, you can fix them by resetting the network settings.

To do so, goto Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Bear in mind that it will remove all the existing network settings including VPN and any saved wireless hotspot passwords.

Wi-Fi Issues iOS 14.0.1

Just like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth issues have also been on iOS for years. Expectedly, they have been reported in iOS 14.0.1 as well by several users. Talking about the solutions that can help you fix them is forgetting the Bluetooth device and reconnecting to it.

To do that, open the Settings app > Bluetooth. Now, tap on the “i” button located next to the Bluetooth device and hit Forget This Device. Now, reconnect with the device. This should work for your Airpods disconnecting frequently as well.

Bluetooth Issues iOS 14.0.1

Bluetooth should start working normally for pairing again. If it still doesn’t work, then try resetting the Bluetooth device and then reconnect it to your iPhone once again.

There have been several reports of screen unresponsiveness after the iOS 14.0.1 update. Before going on to troubleshoot this issue, make sure the screen guard installed on your device is not causing the problem.

Several thick screen guards have been known to cause issues with not only touch responsiveness, but also with proximity sensor while on calls. As the first step, remove the screen guard and then use your device.

Screen Unresponsiveness iOS 14.0.1

If you find the touch/swipe/tap gestures working normally, the screen guard is defective. If the touchscreen remains unresponsive even after removing the screen guard, restart your iPhone.

Normally restarting helps. Also ensure all your apps are up to date. If apps are not fully updated, they can cause the device and screen response to get sluggish.

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A handful of iPhone owners have also complained that their device has become rather sluggish after the iOS 14.0.1 update. In most cases, this issue is caused by the cluttered storage and outdated apps. So, get rid of all the redundant data that may have taken over the device storage.

sluggish after the iOS 14.0.1 update

Go to Settings app > iPhone/iPad Storage. Now, check out how your storage has been used. After that, remove everything that you don’t need any longer. Also, as with a lot of other issues, ensure that all the Apps are updated in the App Store.

Another weird issue that has been noticed on iOS 14.0.1 is the disappearance of the personal hotspot. There are a couple of easy to implement solutions that can help you sort it out. First, turn off cellular data and then restart your iPhone.

Once your device has rebooted, turn on cellular data. Personal Hotspot should start working as usual.

Hotspot Missing ios 14 0 1

If the first solution doesn’t work, reset network settings. Go to Settings app > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

The above-mentioned solutions can help you fix iOS 14.0.1 issues in most cases. Just in case they fail to resolve the issues, contact us to help you fix them without delay.

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