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How to get the first eyelash extensions ready

So, you really bit the bullet and booked an appointment for your first eyelash extensions with Nboutique. Hooray!! Your life is about to get a whole lot easier — no more morning playing about with mascara or thinking about your makeup on the go! Eyelash extensions are a huge boost that will make you look and feel your best every day. So how do you simplify the process, so you can get the best lashes possible?

Before You meet with our Technicians and change your life there's a little planning to bear in mind. Here are our top tips for your first rendezvous, so you can be primed for those lovely lashes!

Clean Your Eye Makeup Before Your Appointment 

Eyelash extensions need to be added to bare, clean lashes, so if you come straight from work or brunch, you'll need to remove your eye makeup before the lashing can start. Eyelash Experts at Nboutique have a handy pink basin and items for easy removal of makeup and our friendly expert will give you a quick tutorial on how to remove your makeup with eyelash extensions. The same rules apply to eye makeup as to strip lash glue-the longer it takes for your stylist to scrub it off your lashes, the less time they will have to add your beautiful lash extensions!

You 're in for a treat if you adopt these easy tips — the smoothest, most stress-free beauty experience ever. We can't wait to meet you! Welcome to Nboutique!