Different Causes of Migraine Headache
A migraine headache can happen because of a lot of reasons. Although it is still hard to identify why one might go through a migraine headache, there could be many environmental factors and genetic factors involved. Some of the reasons why you might have migraine are as follows:

In women, the reason for having migraines could be mostly because of hormonal changes. When you have menstrual periods, there is a fluctuation in estrogen. Even during menopause and pregnancy, migraine headaches can develop.

Those who drink a lot of caffeine like coffee and alcohol, typically wine, then this could trigger migraine headaches.

People who are dealing with a lot of stress can suffer from migraines.

If you are missing sleep regularly, this can also cause migraines.

In some people, weather changes, physical factors like physical exertion, food items like salty processed food and cheese, and even some medications can trigger a migraine.

Before taking any pain killers or if you have been taking pain killers already to treat migraine, it is advisable to go and see a doctor. Please note that regular pain killer’s consumption is not good for your health as pain killers can cause side effects. Call a doctor or schedule an appointment and get proper migraine treatment