Neurofeedback, Biofeedback Rehabilitation Institute.
NIb3 is Toronto’s Leading Neurofeedback, Biofeedback Rehabilitation Institute founded in July 2013.


Neurological & Rehab Institute in Toronto – NIb3

Are you searching for aneurological expert for your neurofeedback & biofeedbacktherapies? NIb3 is a headache specialist in Torontothat helps its patients to overcome every type of neurologicalconditions with special therapy programs. Call them at 844.713.6423.

For Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Therapyin Toronto | Call 844.713.6423

Visit NIb3, they specialize in neurofeedback therapy, biofeedback therapyand diet recommendations to support an optimized neurological health,chiropractic treatment & vestibular rehabilitation techniques. For more details, visit their institute today.

Rehab Institute forBiofeedback & Neurofeedback Therapy in Toronto

Contact NIb3, the experts forneurofeedback & biofeedback therapies in Toronto. Call them at 844.713.6423for free consultation today!

TrustedStroke Rehabilitation Program in Toronto by NIb3

Visit NIb3 for stroke rehabilitation services.Their Post-Institutional Stroke Rehabilitation Program has proven toachieve great success. Call them today on 844.713.6423.

For Fibromyalgia Treatment Specialist in Toronto | Call 844.713.6423

Get treated fromthe specialist of Fibromyalgia atNIb3. They offer drug-free, non-invasive approach & address the origin ofthe pain. Schedule your consultation today!

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Expertin Toronto - NIb3

Is anyone known to you suffering from Nausea/Vomiting, motionsensitivity? NIb3 is a certified vestibular rehabilitation therapy center inToronto. Get an appointment today, call them on 844.713.6423.

Insomnia & Poor QualitySleep Treatment in Toronto | Call 844.713.6423

Searching for insomniatreatment in Toronto? Let NIb3’s experiencedstaff assist you & take the first step towards change. They use holistic a wholebrain-body approach to eliminate sleeping disorders. Visit them today!

Treat Chronic Headache bySpecialist in Toronto at NIb3

Does anyone know suffering from ChronicHeadaches? Immediately contact NIb3 on 844.713.6423 for non-invasive, drug-freeprogram & treatment which work directly on the brain-body and dig deep tofind the root of the cause. Visit them today!

Certified Tinnitus Treatment in Toronto by NIb3

Suffering from ringing or buzzing in your ears? Get a tinnitustreatment in Toronto at NIb3. They have integrated a sophisticated approachwhich involves measuring neuro-physiological activities and auditory perception.Call on 844.713.6423 to know more.

Best Treatment for BrainInjury Rehab & Concussion in Toronto by NIb3

Searching forbrain injury rehab or concussion treatment in Toronto? NIb3 offers arevolutionary program in order to reduce concussion andpost-concussion symptoms and facilitates proper recovery. For more detailscontact them today!

Effective Dyslexia Treatment in Toronto byNIb3

Contact NIb3 in Toronto for ADHD, dyslexiaor a learning disorder. They work for every individual to get down to the rootcause of their symptoms & problems. Call them at 844.713.6423