Waistbands & Pocketing | Tailoring Solutions
Waistbands & Pocketing | Tailoring Solutions

Tailoring solutions is not just a company but an initiative to provide high quality tailoring material that assures customer satisfaction. We proudly sell tailoring material that are the building blocks of all the garments.

The garment industry in India is growing day by day, and now India is a global hub for production of high quality garments which is not just satisfying needs of more than 100 crore people but is also exporting products.

5% of the total GDP of India comes from the textile industry which is also the second largest employment sector to tens of millions of Indian individuals, directly and indirectly. From hand-spun to mill fabrications, Indian garment industry has a huge variety of end products which are admired at an international level.
We at Tailoring solutions, try to contribute our bit to this vast and varied industry.