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It’s Historia love to document, discuss, explain and simply ponder the fascinating history of the natural and manmade world we find ourselves in. From the Big Bang to the cretaceous period, the Battle of Thermopylae to the invention of the transistor, we cover it all. To know more information you can visit our website.

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    Who built Ellora Caves and why?

    The Ellora Caves are spectacular. The monastery cave complex is one of the...

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    The Strange Serpentine “crinkle crankle” Walls

    In the construction of buildings, walls play an obvious but vital role. Al...

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    Battlefield Relic, the Only Witness Left Standing to th...

    Battlefield like an undying sentinel, Old Leanach cottage seems over the ba...

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    Heavily Decorated Viking Sword X-Rayed - ITS HISTORIA

    The grave was found by a landowner on his property in Orkney, in the Northe...

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    Three Million Shipwrecks yet to be Found | ITS HISTORIA

    According to UNESCO, there are around three million sunken ships laying on...

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