What are the benefits of investing in Seamless clone app development
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What are the benefits of investing in Seamless clone app development

Food delivery services provide a virtual restaurant ordering experience. People can personalize their Seamless clone by labelling their preferred delicacies. They can place quick orders by selecting them from previous history tabs if they require the same food item.

Statistics related to food delivery app 

  • In 2015, the food ordering app reached $160 million, which is one of the highest revenue incurred in any sector so far. 

  • As per GloriaFoods, almost 86% of the people order through food delivery apps in the US.

  • Studies say the restaurant which has partnered with food ordering services has witnessed a 12% increase in sales growth.

Perks of being part of food delivery services

Large customer base: Many people use the Seamless like food delivery app for the benefits and perks they offer. With individual restaurants app, the people have to download the apps separately to use its services. In comparison, food delivery apps provide a flexible mode to avail services.

More Revenue: Larger customer base means more revenue for the Seamless clone app. Every time people order via the app, the business owner can receive a commission. Also, compared to investing in restaurants, the cost involved in food delivery app development is relatively less. So people can save substantially by launching these apps.

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