The Positive Paradigm Shift from Independent Houses to Apartments

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Located in the lap of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is a pleasant haven of peace, nestled in natural beauty. In recent years, economic development has reached Mysore, making it a place full of numerous opportunities. The IT sector in Mysore is booming with giants like Wipro and Infosys who already have a presence in the city. A clean city with wide roads, pleasant climatic conditions and good connectivity to Bangalore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, make Mysore one of the best places to buy an apartment and share it with your family.

Therefore, people in metro cities like Mysore decide to buy or rent apartments due to the numerous perks they offer. This has resulted in a positive paradigm shift in the purchase of properties in Mysore.When you look for a home in Mysore, you will come across the notion that buying property is only worth it when it is on an independent plot of land. While it is true that the location of the property has much to do with its investment appreciation, it is also true that buying an independent property now has become a costly affair, not to mention, the time and financial input in its maintenance.

Rising Costs of Amenities

There are a lot of benefits of buying a flat instead of an independent house in Mysore. For example, the added benefits of power backup, parking space, security, fire safety, and water systems come with flats. On the other hand, setting up these amenities in an independent house drains you of money and efforts. Now that the economic activities from Bangalore are slowly shifting to Mysore, the costs of individual houses have increased tremendously.

Home Loan

If you want to buy a home on the basis of a home loan, you have greater chances to avail an apartment in Mysore. The money you need for an independent house is a lot. Also, banks usually approve home loans for flats much more easily.

Cost and Hassles of Construction

If you want to create an independent house in Mysore, there are various challenges and hassles that can arise during the process. It involves erecting a reliable property from scratch, which takes up a lot of money, labour, and time. When you buy a full-furnished apartment from a reputed builder, it saves much time and cost.

Increase in Maintenance Cost

The quality of life in Mysore is getting better with each passing day. As a result, the maintenance costs of property have risen considerably. Maintaining, cleaning, repairing, and construction is an ongoing process even after you have started living in an independent house.

Residential Complex vs Independent House

The benefits of buying an apartment over constructing an independent house are immense. More and more people are increasingly opting for flats over houses. Apartments are great for families, being much safer for children with secured playing areas available for them.

If you are looking for a trusted builder in and around Mysore, Eminence Homes and Spaces offers brilliantly designed and comfortable apartments. By choosing projects like Eminence Park and Eminence Garden, which offers three side open flats, you can enjoy the open and properly ventilated feel of an independent house in a secured apartment. The ‘no common walls’ policy by Eminence Homes and Spaces ensures that you and your family members receive the privacy you deserve. For buying an apartment that matches your vibe, Eminence Homes and Spaces is the name to trust!

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