Purchase the best Upwork clone script for your business
php freelance script

The online job marketplace industry is a profitable business opportunity for many entrepreneurs out there. If you also wish to venture into this industry, then you can opt for the Upwork clone. As a business person, you can offer an efficient platform that will connect freelancers and employers. It is beneficial for freelancers, employers, and business owners. Before you purchase a PHP freelance script for your business, you should know that your app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Only a simple workflow and essential attributes, as mentioned below, will help you provide an engaging user experience to your users.

Freelancer app:

Freelancers must be able to download the app and register instantly using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts.

Followed by the registration, they must be able to set up a profile for themselves by specifying the necessary details.

Next, freelancers should be able to have a look at the list of jobs available and apply for a suitable one.

They must also be able to contact the employer if required.

  • Easy registration
  • Profile setup
  • Quick job opportunities
  • Membership packages
  • Social media account login
  • Apply for jobs
  • In-app chat
  • Upload documents

Employer panel:

    • Employers should be able to sign up with the app and build a profile for their organization.
    • They must be able to upload the details of their projects and go through the list of freelancers who have registered with the app.
    • Employers should be able to choose a suitable freelancer for their project.
    • Employers must also be able to send an email or chat with freelancers if needed.
    • Employers must also have secure payment gateways in the app in order to pay freelancers.
    • Upload project details
    • View freelancer profile
    • Secure payment modes
    • Contact freelancers
    • Rate freelancers

Admin panel:

The admin panel does not have any fixed workflow. Admins must get access to all data and manage the platform efficiently. Admins should have all the necessary tools in their dashboard to manage employers and freelancers. The app has the following features:

  • Quick sign in
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Dispute management
  • Cut-down commission
  • View reports and analytics
  • Access to data

Wrapping up:

Build an Upwork clone app that has the aforementioned roadmap and features. It will help you succeed instantly in the market. Get in touch with the best app developers and initiate the development process now.