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What kind of water should we drink????

Today's biggest question is that what kind of water should we drink?

We have many sources of drinking water like- groundwater, supply water, RO water. First, Let's talk about groundwater, its pH is 7 which includes minerals and bacteria. While drinking groundwater we drink both bacteria and minerals. Supply water is also the same and the last one which is RO water which however kills the bacteria but also removes all kinds of useful minerals for the body. If we see, we do not have any best or perfect solution or source to drink pure mineral water without any bacteria or harmful side effects?

But in the year 2003, A machine came into the market with the name of IONCARES ALKALINE WATER IONIZER.  Who claimed that it can give the water of 9.5pH level with minerals & even without bacteria. According to research, the Ioncares Alkaline Water machine gives us pure and healthy water. If we drink regularly alkaline water we never fall sick or catch any kind of disease. Alkaline water is very healthy and more powerful, as it kills cancer cells and also fights many kinds of water-borne diseases. This Alkaline water machine gives us 12 types of water, which we can use in many ways like drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc. Every type of water has its own role, and it gives us many benefits.  Drink Alkaline water regularly keeps us fit & healthy forever!!!

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