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Top 7 Successful Online Food Delivery Applications 2021 in India

Food or Funn is the most basic need of a human body. Withouthealthy meals, anyone cannot survive for a short period of time. Most of thepeople love food more than anything in this world.

Past days, people prepare healthy and quality food at theirhomes. But now due to luxurious lifestyle, people want to buy food fromoutside. People need to go to restaurants or Food Vendors and then purchasefood to satisfy their hunger.

Nowadays, Internet technology has grown to itspeak that you can get anything just by sitting at home or travelling in bus ortrain across the world. Anyone can order online delicious, lavish, healthy,fresh, hot, and mouthwatering food at home in just few clicks on mobile. WideMenu food variety is available on online App or website. You can choose foodvariety like Chinese, Mexican, Intercontinental, Indian, North Indian, and alsoSouth Indian Food from the food delivery app menu. Then you can pay throughPrepay like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, Bhim Pay, Google Pay, PayTm,and Phone Pe or also choose COD (Cash on Delivery) through cash or Phonepe andPayTm.

The basic requirement to order healthy foodonline is to know the online food delivery apps in India. You need to have a smartphoneand also  internet connection. Your orderedfavorite food will be with you anywhere within 30-60 minutes if you order withOnline food delivery apps.

My this article will let you know about top 7successful online food delivery apps 2021 in India. Here the name below of 7top most successful online food delivery apps 2021 in India who delivers fresh,and hygienic food in home and also train journey in a quick times.

·        Zomato

·        Swiggy

·        UberEats

·        Pizzahut

·        Domino’s

·        FoodOn Track

·        RailRecipe





1.      Zomato:  The best online food delivery serviceat home with wide food menu variety is Zomato. Different lavish and delicious varietiesof food are available at reasonable prices. It was founded by Deepinder Goyaland Pankaj Chaddah in the year 2008 in India. Zomato Head Office is located inGurugram, Haryana. Zomato offers upto 50% off on selected restaurants and alsotaking 20-30 Rs. Food Delivery Charges. Zomato Delivers foods in maximum 35minutes at your doors.

The Zomato App is available on both iOS and Android. It has 10+ milliondownloads on Google Play store.

Zomato now launching also Zomato IPO anyone can invest in zomato company.The last date of purchasing zomato ipo is 16 July 2021.


2.      Swiggy:  The fastest grow online food DeliveryCompany and apps in India are Swiggy. WithMore than 10 million downloads on Google Play store, it ranks the number oneposition in India and also top revenue food delivery company in India. It hasthe wide and dynamic menu at our budget prices. Swiggy is very famous inBangalore, Pune, New Delhi, Gurgaon and also Patna and other metro cities.

Swiggy company was founded by 3 persons namely Sriharsha Majety, NandanReddy, and Rahul Jaimini. Present CEO of this online food delivery app isSriharsha Majety.

Ordered online Food will be deliver next to your door in a few 30 minuteswith Swiggy App.

The Swiggy App is also available on both iOS and Android. It has morethan 10 million downloads on Google Play store.  


3.      Uber Eats: UberEats Uber Eats with Uber as parent organization is the easy app with different delicaciesof food. Uber Eats is an USA App with San Francisco as its headquarters. It wasfounded in the year 2014, August by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

It has spread its service throughout India and has connections with a largenumber of restaurants. It has local and also continental food in its wide menu.You can order an food snacks from 50 rupees to any amount. Uber Eats Food Deliverycharges are very low when compared to Swiggy and Zomato apps.

The Uber Eats App is also available on both iOS and Android. It has morethan 100+ million downloads on Google Play store.


4.      Pizzahut: AllPizza lovers find this app as the best pizza and burger online delivery appwith low delivery charges and mouth-watering pizzas. It has more than 1 milliondownloads on Google Play store. It was founded by Wichita, Kansas, and UnitedStates on 15 June 1958.

5.      Domino’s: Withits great pizza delivery service and pizza quality, it is the fifth largestfood restaurant in the world. It has 10+ million downloads in the Google PlayStore.

It was founded on 1960 and its headquarters are in Ann Arbor CharterTownship, Michigan, United States. Domino’s Pizza is now simply calledDomino’s.

Get online delicious pizzas at your home with attractive offers just inDomino’s App.


6.     Food On Track: The E catering IRCTC is the leading e-catering company in India. IRCTC E-catering deliversdaily 20000+ Online food orders in train journey across India. Indian RailwaysStarted E-catering services for train passengers in 2014 with IRCTC. For Onlinefood order IRCTC official website is E catering IRCTC and Food On Track is ECatering Mobile app. Food on Track successfully delivers daily more than 10000 food in train journey for train passengers. Food on Track is  Available on Android version on Google Play Store.It has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.


7.      RailRecipe Thebest online food delivery in train service at railway station with wide foodmenu variety is RailRecipe. Different lavish and delicious varieties of food intrain journey are available at reasonable prices. It was founded by Imran Khanand Amrita Choudhary in the 3 May 2019 in India. RailRecipe Head Office islocated in Patna, Bihar. RailRecipe is an Authorised IRCTC E-Catering partnerfor food on train orders online. RailRecipe delivers daily more than 1000 Foodon train orders successfully. RailRecipe offers upto 50% off on all food orders.Railrecipe Delivers tasty, healthy, delicious, and fresh food in train maximum 60minutes at your train berth across India.


RailRecipe have a wide variety of its food delivery in train menu likeMilk, Pizza, Paratha, Biryani, Veg Food, Non Veg Food, Jain Food, Burger,Noodles, Chinese, Mexican, Continental, and other Intercontinental foods acrossIndia. The RailRecipe App is available on Android only as of now. It has 10T+downloads on Google Play store. RailRecipe Official Website is www.railrecipe.com and also Official Food On Train App is RailRecipe - Order Online Food InTrain.



I hope this article know you about the top 7 online food deliveryservices which bring food to your doorstep or train berth. Like it, share itwith your friends.


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