Experience Hong Kong-style dentistry, don’t "cross the sea" again
Experience Hong Kong-style dentistry, don’t let you “cross the sea” again— Zhuhai Victoria Port has

Experience Hong Kong-style dentistry, don’t "cross the sea" again

Experience Hong Kong-style dentistry, don’t let you “cross the sea” again— Zhuhai Victoria Port has

experienced substantial growth in Macau’s economy and population in recent years, but limited by the local medical education standards, the existing medical talents are far from satisfying patients Dental needs. In the past, in addition to receiving treatment at the Peak Hospital, Jinghu Hospital or other major private clinics, if local residents had complicated dental diseases, some citizens would choose to "cross the sea" to seek more professional dental treatment in Hong Kong.


Basic medical care is complete, and complicated cases still need to be referred.


Macau has a sound primary medical network, and non-profit health centers are set up in all districts to provide residents in the district with free dental cleaning, filling and dental emergency services, usually within one week Appointment can be made; however, if citizens have more complicated dental diseases, such as dental implants, braces, extraction of highly difficult impacted teeth, etc., they need to be transferred from the health center to Ren Earl General Hospital (commonly known as the Peak Hospital), but the schedule is general It takes up to several months. Therefore, some citizens choose to go to the nearest medical specialists in Hong Kong.



Demand exceeds supply, and there are still more troubles to visit Hong Kong for dental visits.


Since 2014, the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Hong Kong has been ranked first in the QS World Subject Rankings for four consecutive years. Hong Kong dentists pursue meticulousness and exquisiteness, and their customers have a deep reputation. However, there has been a shortage of practicing dentists for a long time. High-level people from all over the world have gone to Hong Kong to see their teeth. In addition, the Hong Kong Care Fund provides subsidies for the elderly dental services in Hong Kong. The number of dentists' visits continues to increase, and the waiting time for public consultations is increasing.


According to the latest data released by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government: The average waiting time for people visiting Hong Kong is 63 days. For Australians who go to Hong Kong to see their teeth, most of them are dental implants, braces, and roots that require multiple visits. Take Du Yagen as an example, usually 3 to 4 follow-up visits are required to complete the treatment, one week apart each time. Although there are currently the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Golden Bus and Hong Kong-Macau ferries interoperate between the two places every day, in the face of the shortage of dental resources, Australians still have more trouble going to the doctor to



benefit from CEPA. Hong Kong-style medical treatment moved west to Zhuhai


on January 1, 2009. After the implementation of CEPA, for the first time, people from Hong Kong and Macao were allowed to set up wholly-owned or joint venture outpatient clinics in Guangdong Province. In December 2011, the two places signed a CEPA supplementary agreement to encourage Hong Kong and Macao service providers to establish wholly-owned hospitals in all municipalities and provincial capitals in the Mainland.

Benefiting from the CEPA policy, many well-known Hong Kong medical groups have entered Zhuhai. According to the reporter, the Zhuhai Xima Eye Hospital, founded by Dr. Lin Shunchao, a well-known Hong Kong ophthalmologist, was officially launched in Xiangzhou, Zhuhai in the middle of this year. The Weigang Qiangqiang chain under the Victoria Harbor International Medical Group has set up the Zhuhai market in 2017.



Experience Hong Kong-style dentistry, don’t make it “cross the sea”

"Hong Kong's medical industry is strictly regulated, doctors have a strong academic background, and have core competitiveness. Hong Kong and Macao have similar medical and cultural backgrounds. In the past, Macao citizens had made special trips to Hong Kong to seek specialist dental treatment. However, due to the complex diagnosis and treatment of most dental projects, citizens have to "cross the sea" many times, which will cause a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, we have always wanted to do Hong Kong’s medical radiation to Zhuhai and Macau,” said Ms. Lizzy, Marketing Director of Victoria Harbor International Medical Group. “In recent years, thanks to the CEPA policy, the country encourages doctors from Hong Kong and Macau to go northward. We decided to move closer to Macau in Zhuhai. Hong Kong-style dental clinics are set up in the location to help more Zhuhai and Macao citizens"