The online food delivery segment of the US is witnessing a surge in its market growth, accounting for $107 billion in 2019. With popular food delivery

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The online food delivery segment of the US is witnessing a surge in its market growth, accounting for $107 billion in 2019. With popular food delivery apps such as UberEats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, Postmates, and many more onboard, dine-in has gone out of trend, and most of the US population prefer ordering food online. This has led the market size of food delivery to progress at a steady pace.

To confirm the above scenario, one of the most popular US food delivery apps, Doordash, has raised $100 million according to a report from Bloomberg. Including this current fundraising, the online food delivery giant has reported a valuation of $13 billion. This pretty much summarizes the progression of online food delivery apps in the US market and gives you a reason to leap into the trend without further thoughts.

There are four key ingredients to be taken into consideration during your food delivery app development process to launch a successful food delivery app like Doordash and top the list.

Deliver on time

People hate waiting for food, and it is something everyone desires to be delivered on time. Delivering as per the scheduled time is the first thing you should consider during the online food delivery app development stage. Make sure to have an order placement functionality that is swift, offering a seamless experience to the users. 

Integrate features that allow users to order in advance. It gives time for both the restaurant owners and delivery executives to get a hold of the delivery beforehand. Also, providing order cancelation at no charge makes the user come back again. Having more such in-app conveniences will bring in more customers, extending your growth in the market.

Facilitate real-time tracking and fleet management solution

Integrating geolocation is a must when it comes to online food delivery app development. It helps the customers to track the orders, giving them peace of mind. Also, fleet management solution renders real-time information about the drivers along with their delivery status. 

Along with these essential features, provide a ‘pickup at restaurant’ option that allows the customers to pick up the order from the establishment as per their preference. Such flexible functioning of the app is what’s going to acquire more customers to your app business.

Opt for secure online payments

Integrate the payment methods that are well-known in the market to let your customers to not worry about the payments. PayPal, Apple Pay, Braintree are some of the payment integration gateways that offer security and ease. 

Enable group ordering

Think out of the box and offer features that give your app a distinct identity. Allow customers to order in groups by providing an in-app group order functionality. This can be facilitated through group chats. Such a feature will increase user engagement and aid in marketing your app organically.

Bottom line 

Along with the above-mentioned ones, include the features that can help you stand out from the competition. For instance, group ordering is something that isn’t enabled in most of the apps. Try coming up with one such unique feature. The user engagement will help you understand where you should focus and let you come up with an app that has features like never before.

If you want to set foot in the app business in the shortest timeframe, opt for the UberEats clone app for your app development instead of building an app from scratch. This saves you both time and effort along with offering benefits such as personalization and customization.


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