Win the lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot to become a millionaire
Do you know that you can win up to €11 million as the lotto 6 aus 49 jackpot? Not a bad amount to win, is it? But then, this will only happen if you are lucky. This is how the game of lotto has always been. The players buy their tickets by spending a small amount and contribute to the overall kitty. The winner of the 6 aus 49 jackpot then gets to take home this significant amount.

Have fun playing lotto
Playing lotto in Germany is total fun. It is a game that actually brings people together. Every Wednesday and Saturday evening, when the draw for the game is conducted, you will find people in huddles, waiting for the balls to be drawn and looking at the numbers they have selected. Some players are lucky and they are cheered on by their mates. The others are not so lucky and they receive their share of commiserations. This scenario is more pronounced during the Saturday game when most people are out to celebrate the weekend.

Why play lotto?
One should rather ask why not play lot