Why the Vaping Market is Skyrocketing in 2022
Why the Vaping Market is Skyrocketing in 2022
The vape market has risen steadily over the years, and it seems not to be going down anytime soon. This is not surprising as vaping appears to be a welcomed option for many people. It comes with many advantages over smoking, and users will not face a series of health issues and side effects after use.

As a result, vaping presents a way for smokers to kick the habit, enjoy nicotine, and throttle it down gradually. Non-smokers also get to relax thanks to the calming effect of vaping. 


Photo by Kateryna Naidenko from Pexels 


There has been a series of research into the health benefits of vaping. It seems to be a more accepted means of nicotine delivery. As a result, it enjoyed wide acceptability, which made the vape market skyrocket. It is a perfect field for innovators and investors as the market is vast, as many ex-smokers try to break the habit.  


Here are possible reasons why the vape market keeps soaring higher: 


Abundant Varieties and Versatility 


Cigarette users do not have much choice in terms of flavor and nicotine strength. They are only restricted to nicotine flavors with fixed strength. However, vaping corrected this choice as the options are endless in terms of flavor, and you also decide on the nicotine strength you want,  

Users get abundant flavors like cherry, chocolate, mango, citrus, and so others. Combine some ingredients, buy synthetic nicotine flavor, and have your vape juice can also be possible. 


The nicotine content of vape juice varies. As a result, you are in complete control of the nicotine content. With this, you get to decide if you want nicotine or not in your vape, making it a perfect option for chronic smokers who want to beat the habit. The series of smoking strengths available makes it possible for them to gradually throttle down the nicotine content until they can vape without it.  


Absence of Foul Odor 


One of the stigmas associated with smoking is the foul odor that follows smokers around. This is not surprising as particles from the combustion of tar attach themselves to the smoker's clothes, body, and other materials. This smell follows them around, as smokers many times find themselves struggling to mask the smell.  


Vaping is widely accepted, and the industry is growing as people can vape without worrying about any foul odor. Since there is no combustion, vaping does not release smoke but a vapor that is not offensive but has a unique flavor. The smell is better and pretty accepted, compared to what is available from the combustion of tobacco.  


Instant Satisfaction 


Stress might seem inevitable in our present world, and people keep looking for ways to beat stress. As a result, some people decide to reach out for a stick of cigarette to calm their nerves every time they feel tense. However, a smoker might need more than one stick of cigarette before he can calm his nerves.  


Vape devices, however, are different as the possibility of instant satisfaction is high. In addition, the excellent flavor output from the device makes it possible to take a puff discreetly without constituting a nuisance to others around. One can easily take a step out of a stressful situation and vape to calm the nerves.  


The ease with which people can use the device discretely is one of the top reasons the market grows. Such devices are available in various forms, and you can carry them with you, vape as long as the rules allow it without attracting unnecessary attention.