What you need to know about samstagslotto
Weekend is the best time of the week and we all agree to this fact. For some people, Fridays are the best and for some others, Saturdays are the best. If Friday has been your favourite day, then you can change it to Saturday by playing samstagslotto. Lotto am Samstag is one of the most popular lottery draws in Germany and attracts millions of players from all across the country.

Why is Saturday lotto so popular?
The lotto on Saturdays is popular because it is played on the weekends. The lotto 6 out of 49 draws are conducted on every Wednesday and Saturday but it is the latter draw that attracts more players. While both the draws attract huge number of players, the number is slightly more during the Saturdays. This is when people place their bets and go out pubbing and drinking.

At the precise time of 19:25 every Saturday, the draw for the lotto is conducted and people follow it online with complete enthusiasm. Imagine that you are with your friends in a pub and manage to hit the