Ultimate Guide to Content Syndication
Content Syndication is a stringent art branch of Content Marketing.

Content Syndication is a stringent art branch of Content Marketing. Rediscover business and strategic marketing facets of the same with this thorough guide from Martech Cube

For most businesses, their website has become the center of your content marketing as you keep updating it with new content. You work very hard and prepare great content and post it on your site. You promote that content on your social media and make sure that the content is well optimized for search engines, still, you don’t see views and subscribers what you were expecting.

If it is a consolidation, you should understand that getting traffic is actually a common problem for most marketers. There are many ways to break the stagnancy and get those numbers up, but content syndication stands out from all of them.

So, Let’s first learn what exactly content syndication is?

Content syndication is when web-based content is re-published by the third party website. Any type of digital content such as blogs, articles, videos, infographics, etc. can be syndicated. Consider it as a type of barter system where the third-party websites get free relevant content and content creators get free exposure and publicity and also a backlink, which in turn boosts the organic traffic of the content creators site.

How did content syndication come in relevance?

One of the important reasons why content syndication is considered effective in content marketing because it ends stagnancy in traffic  I would like to explain this with a real-time example of Anna Crowel, Assistant Editor of Search Engine Journal. She experimented with

syndicating her Search Engine Journal (SEJ) posts on LinkedIn and Medium for a month. This strategy resulted in a 34% increase in page views on the original post on SEJ. Shares, comments, and reads correspondingly rose.

Anna’s experiment clearly shows why content syndication is becoming a significant part of the digital marketing strategy. Content syndication also helps in creating a steady online presence, boosting page & site traffic, improving lead generation, and increasing brand authority.

As we have learned about the relevance and importance of content syndication, now let us have a look at the ultimate hacks.