Miami is known for its all-night parties, stunning beaches, and art deco architecture, Miami Beach is the perfect destination for spring breakers seeking a fun beach vacation to let loose.

 Whether you want to soak up the sun, visit the world-class museums, or party with friends, Miami has it all. It’s also one of the busiest times of year to visit, so if you’re planning on spending spring break in Miami Beach, here’s what you need to know.

Miami Beach vs. South Beach

When it comes to spring break in Florida, South Beach often gets all the fame and attention. You’ve probably seen photos and videos from the action on the beach and know just how wild things can get. 

Miami Beach is just as fun, but it’s a little more chilled out than South Beach. You’ll find the prices are more affordable, the parties aren’t as huge, and the scene is more about relaxing by the pool than drinking until you pass out. 

Whether you decide to go to South Beach or Miami Beach depends a lot on what you’re looking for. The good news is that regardless of which one you choose, they’re only a few minutes from each other by taxi. You could quite easily base yourself on Miami Beach to save money and have better odds of getting a good night’s sleep while spending your days partying with your honest group during Nightlife in Miami on South Beach with everyone else. ​

How to Get There

Miami Beach is accessible from both Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. If you’re traveling on a budget, though, the best option is Miami International Airport since you can take a bus directly from the airport to Miami Beach. It’s also much closer, so if you choose to go by taxi or ride-share.

When should you fly into Fort Lauderdale? When you find an incredibly cheap flight to that airport. If the price difference to fly to Fort Lauderdale is greater than $70, you may be better off going for that option. 

How to Get Around

If you’re staying in the northern neighborhoods of Miami Beach, you should look into hiring a rental car for your stay or you’ll quickly rack up charges when using taxis. If you’re planning on staying at the southern end of the city, you’ll find it easily walkable. The South Beach Local bus makes stops every couple of blocks and runs at 10-minute intervals. The buses are air-conditioned with friendly drivers and are the cheapest option for navigating South Beach.

Alternatively, Uber and Lyft both operate in Miami and usually offer a better (and more affordable) experience to the taxis. 

Where to Stay

South Beach is the most famous part of Miami and you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous art deco buildings and plenty of bars. The downside to this area being the most popular during spring break is that it’s also the most expensive area to stay in. If you’re coming to Miami Beach to party, though, and you can afford the steep rates you’ll pay to stay in a hotel. But there’s more to Miami than just Miami Beach. For shopping and a touch of luxury, opt for Downtown Miami, full of shops, luxurious hotels, and towering glass skyscrapers. Coconut Grove and the Design District are both home to artists and fashion designers, perfect for those who prefer galleries over nightclubs.


Miami is expensive during spring break, and there’s no way around it. Between buying overpriced drinks or forking over cover charges to get into clubs, don’t expect it to be the most budget-friendly trip. That being said, there are ways to minimize the damage done to your bank account.