The Best Way to Write an Argumentative Essay
The Best Way to Write an Argumentative  Essay
An argumentative essay is a piece of writing which takes a definite stance on a particular issue or argument.

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing which takes a definite stance on a particular issue or argument. The writer often uses factual evidence and logical arguments to convince the readers towards a particular way of thinking. According to the EduHelpHub, when you are writing an argumentative essay you are trying to convince the readers to take a particular stance in an argument, by using evidences and logical reasoning. Now that we have a clear idea of what an argumentative essay is, let us now dig deeper into how to actually write one, in the correct way. 

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Choosing the Right Topic

It goes without saying that before you start an argumentative essay, you will need an essay topic. You need to choose a topic which has prominent opposing stances. It should not be too broad or too limited. You need to ensure that you can gather sufficient data on the chosen topic and should also be able to take a clear position in the argument at hand.

Take Your Stance

After choosing the desired topic you need to form the thesis statement. The thesis should be arguable, which means that it should either support or deny a particular aspect of your topic. Your chosen thesis should not be widely accepted to be true. It should have a divided public opinion, which makes it easy to form a counter argument. So, the sign of a good thesis is in fact the presence of a strong antithesis. Before settling on your thesis, it is advised that you conduct a thorough research, brainstorm and even have a discussion about it with your tutor. Whatever thesis you choose, make sure you can present strong set of evidences to support your position. 

Consider the Audience

Before start writing your paper, make sure that you have decided on a specific audience that you want to convince. Knowing your audience can help you to design your writing which is easily relatable by them. It should be noted that it is not necessary that you should target only the people who will agree with your thesis, as you can also target the ones who are opponents of your view point.

Evidence Based Argument

 Your argument is only as strong as the evidences that you present, which is why it is extremely important for a writer to conduct a thorough research. To give yourself the right direction of research, you need to ask yourself: “why did you make that claim?” This will help you find that right data, that supports your thesis, and counters the opposing arguments. As a ManagementPaper writer, it is suggested that you should gather the following types of evidences such as statistical data, past researches, data published by credible authorities, case studies, scenarios from news articles, etc. While collecting the required evidences, make sure that they are credible and can be cross-examined by the reader. 

As you are presenting the evidences, do not think that they will speak for themselves. You need to properly state their significance as you introduce them in your essay. A good practice is to refer evidences from the literatures after you have presented your argument, and relate one with the other. 

Draft the Essay

Start your essay with an introduction where you familiarize the readers with the topic and make sure that they have all the background information needed to clearly understand the chosen area. In the main body, clearly and concisely present your thesis statement. This is where you highlight your position or stance and at the same time, you also present the existing counter arguments. Then you present your evidences to back your claim and establish why your position is valid. In order to make your claim even more legitimate, you can present multiple evidences that highlights the same argument, but from various perspectives. 

Final Words

The sign of a good argumentative essay is the presence of critical analysis of the evidences to support the argument that you have presented. As mentioned by the experts at PenMyPaper, the more evidences you use to support your argument, the more you can strengthen your claim. Always remember that you must stick to one side of the argument and try to convince the readers about its legitimacy.