Silica Gel Beads | moisture absorber
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Silica Gel Beads

                             MOISTURE ABSORBER


Photo album/ photos

Moisture might take away the clarity and fade the colours of the valuable photographs as you store them over the years. The vibrancy in those valuable memories locked in your photographs may fade over a period of timeMoisture Absorber For Old Photos

Always store your photo album and photographs with CILICANT silica gel packs. The CILICANT silica gel packs absorb moisture and keep your valuable photographs safe by retaining their freshness and colours.  With effective absorption of moisture by CILICANT silica gel packs, there will be no development of fungus or mold. The curling and disintegration of your photographs will be surely prevented.   Place CILICANT silica gel packs in between the album pages and keep the beauty of your pictures and album intact. 



Card Windshield defogger

Foggy windshields are a result of moisture inside the car. This foggy windshield compromises the view of the driver which is quite dangerous. There can be many causes of moisture inside the car and the most common is the occupants. moisture absorber for car

We breathe and sweat producing the vapour that leads to foggy windshields because of condensation; mostly in colder temperatures.  CILICANT silica gel is an easy way to keep you safe as it prevents the formation of fog on the windshield. CILICANT silica gel kept near the windshield or on the dashboard absorbs the humidity and dehumidifies your car; preventing formation of fog on the car windshield and giving a clear view of the road ahead.

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