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Before one can graduate from the university often they have to write a dissertation in respect to their subject in which they were doing it can be in the area of sciences or even humanities. A dissertation basically tests how students have mastered their subject. It is assumed that a dissertation that is well done is from a student who truly have mastered their subjects quite well. This illustrates that for a dissertation it has to be done in the best way possible. The dissertation tests how the students can be able to present their subjects. We at Eagle writers focuses on your dissertation with interest to make sure you present a grounded dissertation in the following parts but not limited to the listed ones:

Introduction Chapter

In this chapter a general overview of the area of study or subject in which the problem of the study will be derived from. In addition the chapter seeks to lay foundation on what the study will investigate. The introduction chapter sets the ground work for the dissertation and hence should be written in the most professional way to capture each of the said details and even more. At Eagle writer we develop an introduction chapter that is most relevant to the dissertation to be submitted to the university. This is done by our professionals who are reputable to ensure that your study launches in the right way.


This section seeks to explain on how the study selected and adopted the method it used to carry out the research involved. There are various methods used to conduct the study and this is subject to the subject in question where the appropriate methodology is adopted for the study. The right methodology ensures that the study is carried out in the way that is most appropriate giving the most accurate conclusions and findings.

Eagle writers exists to make sure that your study takes into consideration the best methodology for study purposes and for research purpose as well. Our experts are more keen to identify and adopt the most appropriate methodology for your study so that your expectations are met you are satisfied with our services.


This section entails the study’s results in general. We have the section to discuss the study in a critical way. It may be seen as the section that is most important in a dissertation. At this chapter we interpret and describe the importance of the study that we were conducting. There is also a focus of what is already known in what we are researching about and also that we demonstrate the study problem that was in our case.

In this section one is required to think critically and show their ability to think critically. It is required that students should develop solutions towards the problems that they are highlighting in their dissertation. This gives a view of how the discussion look like. With such information our team of experts is able to write a better discussion for you even highlighting on the study importance, meaning of the research that you have carried out and also work that is able to engage you critically. We have an edge when it is discussion as we have always had a way to present the best discussion according to your study. Professionalism and expertise we offer on this area is very desirable.

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